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I have no idea if I still have any regular followers on here, but just in case I do, I thought I would tell you guys: I have a patreon now.

Patreon is a website where you can pledge an ongoing monthly amount to support artists that you like. (In return, you get access to little perks.) I am going to be moving soon and making some huge changes in my life, and I am seriously strapped for funds, and I thought, hey why not, I’ll set this thing up.

Pledges can be as low as $2 a month. Go check it out, every little bit helps.
Sorry for the inactivity. Been having difficulties lately, as well as being crazy busy. Have lots of ideas for things in my head, but with everything that's going on it's very difficult to find the time and motivation to actually put pencil to paper.

Just had a crazy weekend at the calgary comic expo. They had crazy awesome guests there this year and we had the funds to grab some autographs: Linda Hamilton, (yay!) Sylvester McCoy, (super funny old dude) John Rhys Davies, (who gave a surprisingly entertaining panel) Lena Heady and Peter dinklage, (well, friends of mine got those ones) the voice actor for invader zim who tragically I have forgotten the name of... And Wil Wheaton, who is the nicest guy on the face of the planet. I wish I could apologize to each one for just standing there grinning like an idiot the whole time, particularly to wil wheaton who made me especially nervous because I am such a huge fan, but I'm sure they get that all the time and understand people get nervous. At least I hope so. It's been really awesome to watch our little expo grow from a little event with a handful of guests to this giant awesome thing with a crapload of awesome celebrities.

What else. The weather is warming up and I can't help feel a tiny bit sad... I get hay fever in the summer and I am sorry, I hate the heat and the sun. Not that it's exactly fun stomping through foot high snowdrifts with a stroller all winter... It's just more comfortable. I feel like I'm the right temperature, and my eyes don't feel like I've been sand papering them.

Ugh! Watched part of the movie Sicko last night and it made me upset. I feel cranky enough not having basic dental and eye care covered in Canada. I couldn't imagine not having basic health care. And it makes me angry and frightened because it seems my provincial government wants to attempt to model our healthcare off of the American system. Under which people like me would be completely screwed. Whatever. I'll brush up on my French and move to Quebec, I guess. Haha!

The Odyssey

Sun Feb 17, 2013, 11:06 AM
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So that's it for the Odyssey II project, that's the final deadline. There's still winners to be announced for the various remaining entries, but that's it for me, it's done. Although it's nice to see something through to its completion, I do feel a bit sad.

This has been a massive, months-long project that got me way more involved than I had ever thought it would, way back in October. At the time I wasn't familiar with the previous Odyssey project, and to be honest, I didn't really care. The only thing that piqued my interest was the involvement of Clive Barker, an author I enjoy. And in fact, that almost wasn't enough... I was one of the many people complaining about the donation to PETA, and had decided to not participate. When there was a last-minute charity switch, I whipped something up in three days just for the hell of it, and then decided it might be fun to commit to make an entry for every single chapter. What the hell, right?

And now it's February. I have a ton of new watchers. I've had a few -extremely- interesting job offers. I've had a lot of enjoyment interacting with the various people in the project, sharing and commenting on each other's work, which reminds me of the crits and camaraderie that I really miss from when I was in college. I've really enjoyed the challenge of a regular, long-term assignment.

And perhaps most importantly, I've had a great response to the style and subject matter of the pieces I have done for the Odyssey. I don't know if you've taken a look through my gallery, but for a long time, I've had the pretty narrow focus of children's illustration for my work. This is not because it's the only thing I like doing. It just seemed that that was the only thing that ever really got much response out of anyone. I had peers at school who were amazing illustrators and did very mature and thoughtful work. I believed it was better to work with my own strengths, and try to improve on what I did best, instead of trying to do things that I would never be as good at, and compete with the people who could do it much better than myself. But I've had... such a strong response to what I have been doing lately. It's really made me rethink my art and my decision to focus solely on children's illustration. It's really made me think that I shouldn't limit myself in that way, because I do have something to offer that people can appreciate. That's been a great feeling.

And it's really given me the momentum to get myself going again. My work was put on hold for almost two years after I had a daughter in 2010. It's been difficult to get myself back into a creative place, and into a motivated, self-confident place, to be able to get back on the horse, as it were. But I think... I think this has been... a really important turning point for me. It's really opened a lot of doors, and opened my eyes.

I hope that I can keep up the momentum I've picked up and keep moving forward. I'm thankful that I decided way back in October to participate in this odd little contest/project/whatever the heck this thing was, and decided to stick with it the whole way. And I'm thankful for the support of my family, who had to deal with me being busy working constantly on an unpaid hobby project!

It has really been an Odyssey. Thanks for all of the comments and support you've all given me.

Winding Down for the Holidays

Sat Dec 15, 2012, 1:29 PM
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So art deadlines for the Odyssey Project are done until January, and now I'm busy busy busy working on holiday presents for my friends and family. Protip: don't marry or befriend artists. They always give you drawings for presents instead of buying you swag. (although I guess you guys on DA all know this, right? haha)

So there probably won't be any updates from me for a couple of weeks, which is unfortunate, because due to the Odyssey Project, I now suddenly have all these brand new watchers! Hello all. I'm glad you've liked the chapter art I've been working on, and I hope you stick around. The fact is, and I'm sure you noticed this if you dug back through my gallery, that the bulk of what I work on is children's style illustrations. This isn't because that's all I'm interested in. It just seemed to be what I was best at. I remember quite vividly a friend of mine telling me once that everything I ever did was "cute", and I had to admit, it was true. So I focused on "cute" and assumed that was all I could really do.

But the response to my Odyssey submissions has been really surprising and encouraging. I've really tried to challenge myself and do something more dark, and people seem to like it, and that makes me happy.

I love this time of year. I love the cold weather, actually I do, and I love how beautiful and quiet everything gets. I love the beautiful frost on the trees in the morning, and the blue shadows on the white snow. And I love the *FOOD* , all the snacks and the fancy meals and the candy and chocolate... and I love going to parties with my friends and my family, and chilly evenings with glasses of lovely wine in hand and spending hours being with the people that make my life special. I like that the days start to get longer, and I try to think about that and try to have hope that the problems in my life might be like the cold winter nights, and similarly have an end in sight. I hope you all have a great year end and spend lots of time with loved ones.


Thu Nov 15, 2012, 11:42 AM
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I've decided to start making some of my artwork available as prints through the DA store. The prices and shipping can be a bit steep, and it's real a struggle between fair to me and fair to you in deciding what royalty percentage to charge. But I dunno. The fact that you just submit your work and then they worry about everything else... that's great. And I mean, it doesn't cost me anything to try it out and see if it's worth it, so what the heck, why not.

So, over the next few days/weeks/etc, I will be uploading larger images and adding new prints and things. If there is something specific that you really want, note me or make a print request or whatever and I'll see what I can do. (some of my older stuff doesn't have a high enough resolution to make into a print)

Any feedback is appreciated.


Tue Oct 23, 2012, 4:23 PM
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As you all have noticed, I am back, and posting regularly. Thanks to lots of support from my wonderful husband, a sudden new surge of motivation, and my daughter being a bit older and a bit easier to work around, I'm getting a lot done. Got a new portfolio all put together, a lovely big list of magazines and publishers to send it to, slowly slowly getting a website up, getting a real plan together. Feels good.

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I'm still here, just very very busy!

My daughter is at an age where she takes up an awful lot of my time: big enough to get into everything, too young to really understand what all the rules are. She takes up most of my day, and I really have not been doing much right now. I hate to say it, but I haven't.

I still don't have photoshop or illustrator. Cash flow is still a serious problem, and if I'm not doing active work, it's unfortunately not much of a priority. Dammit.

However, in order to bring in some extra cash, I've been thinking of making some cute greeting cards to sell, probably through etsy. Does that sound like a good idea?
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I'm not on hiatus again... at least, not willingly. My long-ailing computer (Benjamin) finally bit the biscuit and died a few weeks ago.

(a laptop. an old mac g4 powerbook, the old kind before they had the intel chip. Lasted me almost six years, I think. I'd say that's pretty good for a laptop!)

So. Crap.

I don't think I've lost any really important data... I'm pretty good for backing things up. Besides, I think the problem is with the power supply, and that the hard drive is fine. (hopefully)

The real pain in the ass is that that computer had all my art software. (yes. I've been working for six years on a stupid laptop screen.) Our financial situation is.... not good, to put it mildly, atm, and buying a shiny new Adobe Suite is right out of the question.

I'll get something figured out. Probably. In the meantime the updates will be pretty sparse.
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Oh, it is hayfever time again. Hooray. All of the grasses and trees and weeds belch forth their noxious clouds of evil pollen for the specific purpose of making me miserable. Yes. This year I can't take anything because of the bebe. Hooray.

If you see a disgruntled girl pushing a stroller down the street, eyes red, nose streaming, coughing and sneezing as she goes, glaring at all the people who let their lawns go to seed..... Honestly, she's not carrying some new deadly plague, it's just me attempting to go shopping with my bloody hay fever.

I think I will move to Antarctica next year

To make things extra special, my wisdom tooth is all sore and infected again, and it's a real doozy this time, three days strong with no sign of retreat yet. Thank the gods for the miracle of ibuprofin.

I am not a happy camper at the moment.
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Please people, please please please, take some time and put your deviations into the correct category.

It makes it very very frustrating to browse or search when it seems sometimes like people just toss their stuff wherever they feel like it.

If you consider yourself an artist, have a little bit of pride in your work. Put it into the right category. It will make it easier for people to find your art if they are searching, and it will make it look like you know what you're doing. Take the extra couple of minutes to read the category descriptions for each category. Think about it before you hit submit, and use some common sense. If you're not sure of something, take a minute and browse the categories and see what kind of stuff each category contains. (ANOTHER reason why it's so important to keep the categories organized properly)

And I know there's areas that are ambiguous sometimes... I know that occasionally I sit there puzzling about where to put things... but I'm talking about obvious, annoying miscategorizations. If it's not a vector, it shouldn't be in vector. If it's not isometric, it shouldn't be in isometric. If it's a painting on paper, it probably shouldn't be in digital. Things like that. And if you don't KNOW what a vector is, or isometric, or whatever, that's probably a good indication that it's not supposed to go there!

I dunno. I like art. I have pride in my own art. I have a professional interest in art. I'd like this website to be a place I can be proud of. It makes me kind of cranky to be searching for things and find the various categories clogged up and mixed up with all kinds of things that shouldn't be there.

Sorry to be a crabby old nag! But come on, people!
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Whenever I go on hiatus, DA is always a bit different when I come back. That's to be expected I guess.

What's up with that "more from" feature thingie on the right-side of deviation views though? The thing that shows other stuff from your gallery? Do they PROGRAM it to find the oldest, ugliest, most unpopular, most embarrassing doodles that have the least to do with the deviation being looked at, or does it just end up that way for me? Or what? Sheesh.

And I swear, every time I load up the main page, there is at least ONE picture in the Daily Deviations that is a sexy photograph of naked/half-naked women.

It's not that I have a problem with nudity or a problem with sexuality. I DO have a problem with the apparent ubiquity of women and women's bodies being used as props in still lifes. Over and over again.

Sigh. I guess I don't expect people to understand. I was never able to explain feminism to any of my peers at college. I remember once getting into an argument with a young man who couldn't understand something his girlfriend had said. She was concerned that the student artists being featured in the school newsletter were all men, and wondered why no women were being featured. The guy couldn't understand why his girlfriend would be concerned about that. Sexism? Gender bias? Patriarchal society? What? That stuff doesn't exist anymore, silly. This isn't the 50s.

And what could I say to that?

(probably a lot, but I was too surprised to really think of anything intelligent to say. Yay me.)

Oh well.
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On October 29 2010, we finally had the baby: a girl, named Curie, after Marie Curie, the cool radiation researcher. Being on a break from my art job has made me feel kind of bored, as I thought it would, so I've started work again on some of my own things.

...slowly. As you can imagine, it's pretty slow-going with a three month old baby to look after.

But I've cleaned out all my inboxes, and look at that, I even submitted something new. (Well new to here anyways)
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I have JUST NOW REALIZED that the email address I have listed in my profile is wrong. How many years has it been like that? Whoops. Hope I didn't miss anything important.

And what is the point of updating a journal in a DA account that hasn't had new work added to it in over a year? Perhaps only to show that I haven't abandoned it, even if I haven't been able to participate in the community?

This year has been a much better year than the last. We've moved into a much bigger, much nicer place, and it's amazing how much that improves one's outlook. I have a proper yard now with a small garden, I've got myself two cats, my husband gave me an electric piano for christmas, I actually got out a lot this year and saw lots of movies, plays, and concerts, and my daughter continues to do very well at school and starts at a new and interesting-looking girl's school in a week.

AND... as if that wasn't enough....

We're expecting a baby in October.

We have no idea if it's a boy or girl... we decided, like with our daughter, not to find out ahead of time. I think it's the ultimate way of showing people that it doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl. Although this was something that we did talk about, for quite a while actually, and actively planned for, I still go through a little panic mode every once in a while... my daughter is very independent now and I'm really enjoying it... do we REALLY want to go back to the diapers and feeding and not being able to leave the house ever?

But it passes. Raising a child has been ... the most rewarding thing I've ever done, and even though there are MOMENTS that aren't fun, the whole experience is worth it. .... well I mean it must be, for me to think that I would want to go back and do it all again!

So yeah, I'd say my situation and my attitude have improved a great deal!

I'm still busy though. In fact I haven't done any freelance work at all this year, except small things here and there to help out the husband with some theater projects.

I am still working with my college teacher doing the animation, and I really do enjoy it. I don't feel so bad having nothing of my own personal work to show people, when I am still bringing in money for doing something creative that I love.

You know, I can remember the first time I ever had a proper art job, and the first time I had the money in my hand for something that I did. NOT a token cash gift from a relative "buying" a painting or something like that. REAL money, for doing a real job. And suddenly it clicks in your head: you just went from the dream to the reality. Suddenly you're not a kid anymore, scribbling comic book characters in your school notebook and thinking about the fancy artists that you like and how you want to be like them when you grow up.... you've now, JUST NOW, crossed that line, and you did it.... you ARE that artist now.

I'm probably going to have to stop working at the end of September, and I'm already missing it. I'm already missing the interesting people that I work with, and the interesting job that I had.

And I have it in my mind that while I'm not working and looking after a baby, that I'll find some kind of free time to do some more personal artwork. You're probably laughing at me! I don't know. Having a baby doesn't consume you ENTIRELY. I'm really *hoping* anyways to find a bit of time. I've been thinking of some things I want to do, and getting the itch to get back at it. A friend of mine keeps talking about a children's book project.... maybe that would be a good place to start.

Anyways, that's the annual update. On a bit of a more positive note than last year! Here's hoping that things continue to improve.
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Wow, look at that, it's been almost a year to the day since my last entry here. Time for the annual update!

Well, this year has been not so good. Things seemed like they were calming down and figuring themselves out after I finished college, but I guess new stress has to move in to fill the vacuum when old stress goes away, is that right? This year we've had lots of emotional drama, lots of medical drama, and lately, some drama with trying to find a bigger house to rent, and it's really, really frustrating.

Frustrating isn't even the word. I'm beat right now. Time out, okay, life, you win, I give up. One day I'll get up and try again, but for now I need a breather while I try to sort things out and make everything suck less.

The reason I haven't put anything new up here in so long is because... I haven't been DOING anything. I've been working for one of my teachers from college. First I was doing animation, and now I'm doing background painting. To add to the cash flow, I've also taken a part-time job at a retirement home. It's nice to have money. In fact we're doing the best financially now that we've ever been, and have actually managed to put together a little bit of savings for the first time.

But, it keeps me really busy. All my time off is spent trying to keep up with the housework and do interesting things with my daughter, and dealing with the frustrating problems that have been cropping up. A doodle in a sketchbook here and there, and that's the extent of my personal illustration career development.

And I guess that's okay. Lots of people find themselves taking breaks, and at least I still have a job doing something artistic, even if it's not the exciting freelance illustration career I had in mind, and taking care of my family is important. The problem is that I compare myself to people I know online and that went to ACAD with me, and I feel less like I'm taking a break, and more like I'm failing.

I don't know. I'm hoping that my luck will turn around soon, and I'll either fix my frustrating problems or else learn to not be so upset about them, and then I'll maybe be able to calm down a bit and find the drive again to do some more illustration.

And sorry to come on here and whine and complain. It was time for an update and I'm being honest, it's been a shitty year.

Oh. Here's another update. I also cut like 12 inches of my hair. It still counts as long I guess, going down to my shoulder blades, but for someone who had hair that was so long I could sit on it, that's a huge haircut. It looks much nicer shorter.
Well, I've been up to this and that, life, etc, you know. My daughter is in grade two now and you'd think that now she's great and independent and out of my hair, BUT, she's coming home with homework and reading books and spelling lists that I need to help her with. So really, between that, supper, lunches for the next day and bedtime, that's kind of my early evening all full up! Luckily I'm still a crazy night owl and I make up all the time by staying up till the wee hours of the morning.

There's snow out now! And I'm happy! Why? Because over the summer I bought an awesome thrift-store ankle-length wool coat, and I knitted a new hat and long scarf, and some neat fingerless mitts, and now I get to wear it all! yay!

Work goes slowly now that I'm not doing animation, but I kind of like it like that. It gives me time to properly look after my family and not go nuts, and get my own stuff done in the meantime. ...because I really have to be honest, it's not a lot of fun doing boring crap to other people's specifications. That's okay... work doesn't always need to be *FUN*, but having time to do my own doodles is nice.

Anyways, here's another post of some recommendations for interesting stuff I've come across, in case anyone's ever sitting in the movie store/library/shady bittorrent tracker and wondering what would be good to look up next. (shout out something to me too, if you like)


Well guys, are you up for a challenge? I mean YES you can just go rent some random new release thingie and pop it on and turn off your brain for two hours.
But if you're a hardcore film fan and looking for something besides mere *entertainment*....
if you're up for a challenge...

Then rent Eraserhead.

It's not an easy movie. It's not a *movie*. It's a very strange, very disturbing, and sometimes bizarrely comedic art film. It is shot beautifully and the sound design is beautiful as well. Rent it to challenge yourself. Or, rent it for the sake of being able to sound snotty and pretentious.


I don't have cable, so I watch a huge mix of old stuff, new stuff, and international stuff. (no commercials either) If you don't mind watching something a bit old and rough around the edges, and if you are insane and think random violence is funny, then check out The Young Ones. It's a weird experimental show about four useless college losers hanging out in a squalid house and getting into all kinds of completely nonsensical trouble, with random segues and bizarre puppets thrown in for fun. A pile of big british comedy names have cameos here and there, including Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry in season 2.

(and if you like that, check out the show Bottom afterwards)

I recently also started watching Penn & Teller's Bullshit. Each episode they pick some stupid hype, scam, or fondly-held-but-sadly-unfounded belief, and expose it for its bullshit. The show is not for everyone. When they're doing psychics and vampires and ouija boards it's funny, but some of the more political episodes can get annoyingly pedantic. I dunno though, I like Penn & Teller, and if you find an episode that deals with an issue you agree with and feel strongly about, it can be satisfying to hear a great big aggressive man swear about it. Heehee.

Cartoons: Shame on me, I haven't been watching any really interesting new animation lately. How about this: somebody out there freaking watch Aeon Flux and like it! (the CARTOON, the cartoon, *NOT* the AWFUL Charlise Theron movie) This show is so damned weird and interesting and mind-bending and I have no one to fricking talk about it with! (no seriously, if you liked it, let's chat)


Read House of Leaves. I can't even begin to describe this book, go read its wiki. And then go read the book. I read it in the course of about three days I think, and it actually gave me nightmares. It's probably the most unique fiction book that I've ever read.

I also read one of the Jeeves & Wooster books by P G Wodehouse recently. If you enjoy clever british humor like Blackadder and Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, you should check out some Wodehouse. This is humor that's not so much about jokes as it is... a pure mastery of the english language. I mean, it's beautiful, it really is. Plus that's good for more snob points then.

Snob points... you know, I tried reading the Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde recently. ... I couldn't get past the first three pages. I was so utterly disgusted by the ridiculously vain and stupid characters lounging on their couches smoking opium cigarettes and whining about being beautiful and rich. If anyone's read this, is it worth the effort?

Richard Richard on Oscar Wilde:… (2:57 - 4:04)

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To passers-by and watchers, new and old:

Thanks for taking a peek at my gallery.

What the heck have I been up to? I've finished college, I'm putting things back into order again, and I'm also working with one of my old teachers on some of his short films at his small animation studio. I feel relaxed like I didn't even know was possible, I'm eating good food again, and spending time with my daughter.

... unfortunately this means that at the moment, I have very little time to keep up with my comments, and I've had no time to do any new personal work to post up here.

Despair not! It's been deathly quiet from me, but I'm not dead, just resting up and figuring out what to do next.

... and trying not to psych myself out with the idea that now I'm supposed to be a professional and make a ton of money.

Keep an eye on me, I'm just resting, not dead.
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Cool, 10,000 pageviews. Thanks guys.

So what's in the works?

Survival. I wish I could say I'm doing a good job at college, building up a super portfolio, making a name for myself and getting ready to break out into the world of professional illustration...... but I'm not. I'm worn right out and slacking off on everything. We all are. We're like a class full of the walking dead. I don't know if it's hilarious or tragic.

Tired, tired. I've got to take some kind of break when I'm done school, to give myself a chance to regain my sanity and remember why I wanted to do any of this in the first place. Maybe get some stupid mindless job for a couple of months, save up some money to start repaying my student loan. I'd really like to see if I can find a pottery guild in town that i can join.... I really enjoyed pottery. I want do some more wheel throwing. There was just something so satisfying about taking this wet soggy lump of mud and turning it into a useful vessel.

As soon as I get my act together, I'm going to start a sketchblog and get a portfolio website going, and then I'm afraid I'll probably be off this site. I might still update with new pictures, but I need to devote my energies to more professional endeavors. ... not that I really respond to any of my comments or have a strong presence on DA right now though, right? ^_^

I'll probably get an etsy account up at some point too. I like making things. I don't do enough of that right now, always scrabbling to stop procrastinating and work on all my school assignments that I hate.

I've managed to get one thing done though: I've been watching silent movies lately. They're an acquired taste I suppose, but I'm quite enjoying them. I have a teacher that is lending me a steady stream of Lang and Murnau and other movies. They're rough around the edges, the special effects are clunky by the standards we're used to now, but... they still have a certain aesthetic that you don't really see in movies these days. No one frames a composition the way these guys used to, no one. I enjoy the acting as well. We're so used to judging good acting on the basis of its realism, I think. Silent movie actors had to overact everything in order to communicate emotions without the help of a voice. It doesn't even begin to approach realism in any sense of the word.... but maybe that's what makes it interesting. I don't know.

Anyways. They're worth a peek for anyone who is serious about good movies I think, if just to get a sense of how much film making has changed since the 20s. Rent Metropolis some time: it was ahead of its time and is an easy introduction for modern audiences, I think. (and it has little in common with that japanese anime by Tezuka btw, so don't get confused) Take care to find the beautiful Kino version, (it'll say so right on the cover) because other versions are missing huge chunks of plot and don't really make much sense.
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5 - :iconhappythawts:
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9 - :iconblindliexi:
10 - :iconmamath:

TEN FREE sketches to those who reply to this journal fast enough. Cause ya know I'm not busy enough here. (don't expect Rembrandt here. and don't expect it quickly. ^_^) However you will only get a sketch if you add this to your journal (You have to do ten sketches too ya know), an I'm gonna check too.

(from :iconspune:)

*** And that's the list filled! I'm not sure ... I'm thinking what I'm going to do is, post the finished stuff to my gallery and give the recipients the option of having a watermark-less jpg sent to them if nice print purposes are desired. And how long will it take me to finish? Who knows.
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I hope you all have been keeping up with the news on this one. (partly because I just have no good info pages to link you to!)

Anyways, as you may or may not know, following the escalation of events after that leaked Tom Cruise video a couple months back, people have been organizing a world-wide protest against the Church of Scientology. I mean, this really goes beyond the petty hacker crap they were doing at the beginning with the whole webpage server overloading business, this is a real, organized, international response.

Anyways, I'm following the news with much interest. There's no CoS in my city but apparently they are still going to hand out leaflets downtown it seems. There is a protest organized in almost every major city across the globe, so keep an eye and an ear out for the activity in your area. And you folks directly involved, keep safe!

Apparently Australian protests are already underway, and it sounds like they're going good thus far, with an excellent turn-out, and no snags. (yet) Something that I haven't heard anything of yet is any kind of response from the CoS, and I'm very interested about that as well.

Interesting, interesting.

(and do your research, if you haven't heard of any of this yet. also go to for info on scientology.)
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AAAAARRRG CRAP why didn't anyone tell me that my scraps gallery was full of embarassing four-year-old crap??!??  Cleaned out. (of the embarassing stuff at least)

*eyes some of the older stuff in the gallery*

You know it's interesting some of the stuff I did before I went to ACAD though, especially the painting. I paint in a completely different style now.