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Sweetie Bot - My Primary Function is Failure



Poor Sweetie Bot! I felt so sad for her in this scene.

This is my first actual piece of artwork in something like a decade. MLP:FiM has inspired me, but so has the Brony community. Seeing so much amazing creativity in so many forms of art just lit a fire inside me. I wasn't sure I should upload it yet, because I am sure to notice something I wanted to do different later... but I think that's pretty standard.

That said, this is of course fan art inspired by not only Friendship is Magic, but the fan-production Friendship is Witchcraft.

I drew the picture on paper with pencil while looking at a still image from the show, so yeah, it's not a 100% original piece, but that comes later when I get better at this. Coloring and such was done in Photoshop.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is copyright Hasbro.
Friendship is Witchcraft by Sherclop Pones, Youtube channel here: [link]
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