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Day 8 - Vinyl and Octavia at the Arcade

By littlecolt
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:iconoctaviaangryplz: "I think that's technically considered cheating!

:iconvinylscratchshrugplz: "How else would you play, though?"

:iconmlpoctaviaplz: "Well... prop your hooves up on this bar?"

:icondjpon3plz: "Nah! Then I couldn't see the screen!"

Day 8 entry for Equestria Daily's Newbie Artist Training Ground! The theme this time was "Draw a Pony Trying Something New." So I drew Vunyl and Octavia trying DDR!

Ah, the problems that arise when ponies try to play a game designed for humans...

Drawn with pencil on paper, inked by hand with a Micron pen. Comic bubbles were done in Photoshop since the ones I drew on the paper were more apart and I thought they'd look better closer together.

DAMN IT I love drawing Vinyl's hair! It's so awesome! :P her horn coming out from above her left eye? Whoopsie...

My Little Pony is copyright :iconhasbroplz:
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I just came here frum yore gud book.
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O_o Now I'm wondering how would Vinyl do at DJ Hero.
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Hah! Another idea I had a little bit ago involved Vinyl and another Konami rhythm game, Beatmania IIDX: [link] (One of my favorite games of all time)

The idea is that Vinyl would be pissed off because the buttons are so close together and too hard to push with hooves. =D
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Great job with Vinyl's hair!
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Thanks! It's fun to draw.
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Hmm... maybe two pads, one for each pair of hooves? Of course, then the sleipnirs come in and wreck that.

Good job on the picture. I have no where near that skill with a pencil.
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The beautiful thing about pencil is ERASER! XD
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