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Day 25 - No Singing!

By littlecolt
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Day 25 entry for Equestria Daily's Newbie Artist Training Grounds. The theme was "Draw a pony Singing/Draw a pony wailing."

Just a quick comic today, you all.

There will be no singing if Twilight has anything to say about it!


Oh, go get a glass of water!

My Little Pony is copyright :iconhasbroplz:
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YES I love Monty Python
pokerus12's avatar
Such a great movie... man.
Socksthewarrior's avatar
reminds me of my giggle at the ghostly scene in Socks Summarizes EP2 haha

nice :thumbsup:
littlecolt's avatar
Actually, that is precisely the reason it's Pinkie and Twilight! :P
Socksthewarrior's avatar
well ty for the reference :)
littlecolt's avatar
I should probably link your YT channel in the description.
Socksthewarrior's avatar
haha you dont have to

oh and EP3 will probably be done in the next couple of days
Sunfur's avatar
So brilliant! XD
BestiaAuris's avatar
haha, this is fantastic! God, I love that movie...
GrayTechnoRaptor's avatar
It depends on how huge Pinkies tracks of land are.
Love Twilights Epic beard though~
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Oh, no, Fluttershy is the bride! She's got huuuuuge... tracks of land!

If this was colored, the beard would have the same pink/purple stripes her hair does. I hope you could tell just from line art :P
ABronyAccount's avatar
I read that she uses tracts of land extensions.

This makes me wonder how many times they had to build Canterlot after it sank into the swamp/caught fire, fell over, then sank into the swamp.
GrayTechnoRaptor's avatar
Oh right! I forgot how that went, what with all the characters being female at the moment. :)
The beard-stripe would be cool to see in color, or shaded in, its a bit tough to tell whats going on with it.
JustABlankFlank's avatar
Is that a Monty Python reference I smell? :D
littlecolt's avatar
Just don't inhale too deeply, it IS a swamp out there...
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