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Day 16 - Proposal

By littlecolt
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What will you do, Rarity?

This is my Day 16 drawing for Equestria Daily's Newbie Artist Training Grounds. However, it did not make the deadline. That's OK, I did not want to rush it.

The theme was "Draw a pony on a date/Draw a romantic pony."

Spike is not a pony, but it still counts, dang it! I imagined this after waking up today, and it burned my brain all day until i could come home from work and draw it.

I may come back someday when my skills have improved further and try to draw this scene again, as I had truly envisioned it. This is my first time drawing anything like grown-up Spike, there. Yeah. With my current skill level, though, a comic format worked well enough.

My Little Pony is copyright :iconhasbroplz:
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hmmm... how big is he now?
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This is such a touching scene :3
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Thanks. =D

I want to remake it better and in color some day.
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That would be amazing :D
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Getting better dude, getting better.
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I was wondering the same thing.
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Sorry my heart can't take so much cuteness.
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Somepony call 911!
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Awww... Spike, god damnit

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Such a little ladykiller, eh?
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Say yes Rarity! Say yes!
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Rairty looks really good, but Spike's arm and neck seem to be be having proportional issues and anatomy ones.
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Yep. I really had nothing to go on with Spike. He took the longest to do, and I am unsure how to proceed in improving him, especially in a more complicated pose like that. Just gonna take practice, like anything else. When he was "grown up" in Secret of My Excess, I sort of didn't like his proportions there, either, so I was trying to come up with my own vision for him, and it only worked out so-so.

But yeah, Rarity was easy (giggity). I can draw mares pretty well, so that was almost none of the time in drawing this. Most time was spent on Spike, and I will probably do some more practicey stuff with dragons.
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Greed Growth isn't natrual so the fact it's kinda disproportions him makes sense. The teenage dragons from Dragons Quest would be a better refrence point.

Ironically, most people bitch up and down about Rarity's mane.
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I had not even thought about those guys! Thank you for the suggestion, I will have to practice sketching them.
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Hey i think you made it really good!
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Five years later:
"You know, Spike, this engagement is really starting to drag on."
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Oh ho ho! Or more like [link]
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