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Published: October 14, 2013
His mother told him she loves him
With a love as unconditional as the weather
That if he can rise above these inner wind demons shouting for freedom
And just accept that humans need money just as bacteria need the stinky Luria Broth in the bio lab he’s failing
Then would she polish him off—like her best trophy—and send him to drown in the flood of admiring relatives

His father told him that he gave him kindness
Like a kind Samaritan would a traveler
That if he just keep on trying
And just realize that abyss that he has fallen in is just a little gap in the earth
Then the ropes, magnanimously placed by countless tutors, counselors, police, will reveal themselves and pull him into higher places

They hold his hand with "ifs" and "thens"
And like she said “you are smart boy”
And like he said “we did everything for you”
And “there are people who are far, far worse off than you”

They hold his heart
With a love that binds like shackles and falls heavy into the iron core of the earth
To ground him and not have his head rise above the clouds
And into the dark vacuum of space and the moon and stars
And the sun shines so brightly it blinds his eyes
He can’t breath
And everything is dark, dark, dark, so dark and lonely in the middle of the universe
Where there is nothing but him, who burns and falls into ashes

The humans make sure that in this green-blue world,
There is no space for darkness and everything for light
But he wants darkness, he craves it in his dreams
And maybe the blood within them could fill a sea
So that he can sail on its distorted waves so that he can know:
This is only a world he knows
A world in which he finds what is it really that he is left with—the path he chose

He wants to shout to the world that he understands
But society can go throw itself off a cliff
Because it’s not that he wants to die but just know that
There is some darkness he can still choose in this world of blinding light

And maybe, in some ways,
The clock is right in saying,
"There is no time
to just survive."
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(AKA the problem with the non-tiger-but-still-very-much-Asian parents: they might love you unconditionally, but they don't express it unconditionally.)

I'm going to be doing spoken word poetry more now, since I joined a spoken word group at my college.
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TrulyTuyet|Professional Artist
I can relate to this. I know this world revolves around money and my parents want best for me, but I wish to choose my own path and not let others choose for me.
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I'm glad you can relate. It's really sad because society's imperfection has created so many conflicts in the family even when they love each other. 
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TrulyTuyet|Professional Artist
Yes, it really is sad. It's been really hard for me to convince my parents that we don't have to follow the "prescribed" path that society has set up for us. We all deserve to find and follow our own path.
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