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What is it about you that is so elusive?
Because heaven knows that you burn it up every day
A cool, red bloodbath above the horizon
And like mercy
(or like god, whom I do not know if I believe in (but I believe))
You give away to the night, let darkness take the reins for a while
And drive away to tomorrow's conquests and defeats

The sunflowers are your loyal followers, and I cannot help but gaze
Upon the radiance reflected in the startling burst of yellow buds
As if overwhelmed with happiness from a distant memory
You're always there in the photosynthesis of the leaves
The soft green buds of spring who are courageous against you
Facing you, loving your warmth and hating your heat

...They wait, patiently, for your death march
Your beautiful gleam of final glory
Shattering through trees like a thousand wildfires
And then, the last gleam of light fading behind the mountains
That gives poets:

Songs and promises
Promises for another day,
For a tomorrow that is forever coming like a rumbling train
Far too fast--for a future that is endlessly dying--whether in midnight peace,
Or awesome glory, I do not know.
And such is the question the sunrise poses to you
And, in your old age, in your fading beauty, in your soft and furious dignity
Such is your answer
To the Sunset, Whom I Always Seem to Miss on my 6 p.m. Walks to the Science Center

^This would be my title if there is no character limit.
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Submitted on
April 3, 2014


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