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I wish these seasons eternal
That there will never come a day when this place becomes a beachfront property and only rain falls like memories of snowflakes
That the Californian sun will never burn the skin on your nose here
That saltwater never kisses the sacred rose garden with his lips dry and rough as the desert
That the leaves fall and bless the streets with their lifeblood every autumn and the snow embraces the earth every December to put the squirrels to sleep

The Californian sun has no place here
Don't long for it; don't dream of it
Believe me, I've fallen in love enough times with that perennial blue sky to know that it needs to stay there to reflect its lover--the ocean
Because the saltwater is angry here; it rages against the dark green woods and falls these trees with its longing for freedom

Do not invite her here--the sea
Do not welcome her with arms of warm industrial smoke
Or lure her gaze with coal fires
Do not flirt with her, offering her your everything in a stream of plastic holocaust
And pray that she will come and bestow upon you, with her blushing sunset horizons, eternity

For she will
She will come if you call her here
She will come to you in good faith
For she is a siren that will drown you in her embrace and offer you the deathly, serene, season-less eternity that you so desired

I wish these seasons eternal
That nothing ever stays the same but the certainty that you love these green woods enough to protect it from the seductive song of the ocean and the anger of the sun
That I come to anticipate with you
the budding flowers
the humming bees
the chameleon leaves
and the sprinkling of snowflakes that tastes startling spicy on your tongue
That the only eternity is here in the transitions of the leaves
from lush green
to blood red
to dead brown
and back to life again
The East Coast reminds me of my childhood in Beijing, the times when I biked with my grandpa to the school bus stop in the snow. So nostalgic.

Despite how much I complain about the cold here and how much I miss the Californian sun, I very much hope these seasons last (and not get destroyed by climate change).
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Kajm Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
They have lasted through 1 billion years since the oxygen atmosphere formed, and hundreds of thousands of shifts in climate.
littlecloudflower Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Student Writer
Never mind. Clicking on your profile gave me more than enough info. ^^;

I don't have time to read now but it's impressive. Thanks for doing this. I'm not sure I have enough expertise to say anything with certainty but am in the process of educating myself. From the information I have so far, though, I still believe in climate change, and I'm not sure that would change from reading these articles. We'll see. 

I'm curious...How did you get into this issue? And other than climate change what's your stance on other environmental issues (i.e. air/water pollution, especially those that harms people's health)? Because I feel like belief in climate change is not a requirement to fighting for clean air, even though a lot of people who fight for that use climate change as part of their argument. What's your opinion?
Kajm Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

I can spare a few moments to answer that one...

First, Of course I believe the climate is changing. It has always changed, and always will. The question here is, Attribution. Is the current warming a product of human's CO2 output, or is this just another cycle of warming?


While I do believe that there is Some effect caused by humans, I think it is more an issue of land use (and air pollution), rather than CO2. And the argument(s) for that, are going to take a lot longer than I have time for just now :P  However you can see some of it in the other articles I have put up.


Environmental issues... well I do have concerns about the environment. And I've been involved- I worked seven years for the Otter Habitat in Pennsylvania (had the chance to help hand-raise several otters, in fact). Again, I'm answering quickly, sorry about that...


Last one for the moment: I started out in the early 80s, believing that Yes, we were messing up the climate. But due to the droughts we experienced in the 80s, I was paying close attention to the weather, and learning about how it works.

In the late 80s - 89, I think - I saw several newspapers articles. One was about the just-discovered mechanism in the Pacific known as El-nino (and La-nina). It has been known about for centuries, but not How it worked.

The other article was about a week later. It had to do with hurricanes. Scientists were puzzled by the way they were behaving (I believe it was similar to what is happening this year).


While I did not yet know much about either, I saw a connection between those two pieces of the climate puzzle. It made sense to me that El-nino is going to affect things across the globe. Yet, here are scientists being puzzled by it. And at the same time, people were already saying 'the science is settled' about the climate.


I've been learning more ever since.


That be it for the moment.

littlecloudflower Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Student Writer
But the question is if they can last the next 100 years with all the air pollution and fossil fuel burning.

I understand there are controversies surrounding this, but so far in my perspective the evidence for climate change is more convincing than the evidence against it. (And responding to your signature, feel free to link me to the research that you mentioned.)

Also, if there is even a question of whether this is true or not, I would rather not keep on doing what we're doing and find out, too late, that climate change turned out to be real after all.

Thanks for reading and commenting.
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