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Your smiles are faithful like the inconstant moon
--and precious like sun's kisses through thunderclouds

That time you sat in the second seat by the window, letting your eyes
catch their breaths from too much staring at the ceiling counting sheep
as the teacher lectured on about the heart
four chambers--just enough to hold: a smile, a tear, a dream, a fear--
I drew a rainbow worm on your lab report and you tried to glare at me intimidatingly
but I led my heart back to the powerpoint projection
and through the corner of my eyes, caught you laughing

Or that day when the humidity cloaked us, walking to pick up a children's book that I didn't need
and the words were there but I couldn't say them, dangling on my dried lips
smiling, you told me that the worst thing about California is the weather and that's why you can't leave it--
I peeked from behind the library shelves that morning asking myself why
I forgot how to breath

Or the time you told me to jump off the plane with you like crazy people
once we're eighty and leave the world in a flash of sheer ecstasy
I waved with all my strength at your retreating figure
that disappeared all of a sudden in the midday sun--
though the warmth from the one, single, awkward hug lingered
all the way to the other side of the ocean and then some.

So I know:

You're not just the storm
on which your heart rides
or the rain that pours
from overcast skies

Nor are you only the soft, resigned sigh
after snuffing out the last candlelight
to the crushing embrace
of the endless night

You're more than the blood in your pulsing eyes
after nightmares in which you tear them out
so you won't have to see
how hard you fell

Because I know you're more than that,
I miss your smiles.
Waiting for the moment when the sun comes out from behind the clouds.
Estuari Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
My favorite stanza in this poem is

"You're more than the blood in your pulsing eyes
after nightmares in which you tear them out
so you won't have to see
how hard you fell".

Your writing makes me reminisce about our days at Paly and makes me think back, even farther, to all the crushes I've ever had. I love your use of metaphors.
littlecloudflower Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013  Student Writer
That's one of the images I started out with. :) I think those are the most inspired images, usually. Thank you so much!
Estuari Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013
As always, you are very welcome :D
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September 24, 2013
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