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I've just watched the last two episodes. Here are my thoughts for people who want to know, who don't mind... just like that... 

*spoilers ahead :) *

This season 2 have a lot of great episodes (I absolutely love Fungus Humungous and Slash and destroy) and the last two were great, even though I think they could have been better. There were many intense parts like the fight opposing Splinter and Shredder (their fights are always epic) the fight between Leo (he was totally fierce and determined that was amazing and wow, we never see him like that) and the foots with Shredder's pals and my god, this part with Mikey and Raph heats my feelings. I really liked their bond in this two episodes =) Their hug and the ''little brother'' from Raph that was adorable. Raph carrying Leo on his shell was adorable too. And for once that wasn't him who had arguments with Leo but Don, that was surprising in a good way. 

The guys leaving the lair, bringing memories with them was a touching moment, Karai saving Splinter too. But.. Irma being a robot and April's super powers ? That was weird. ^^  

I didn't really understand why the guys leave the city without looking for Splinter before. Are the krangs going to return again ? The turtle mecha was pretty cool too.. And this end really surprised me, I didn't expected they were going to leave New York city and Splinter (they leave without him !!! Wish he's fine and will find his sons) and Leo hurt so bad, I thought for a second he was going to stay with Shredder. I was worried about him but hopefully he's safe with his brothers thanks. ^^ Some parts with him remind me of an episode of the 2003 version and the comics.

Wow ! The people behind this show and these two episodes definitely know how to play with feelings. =) 
:iconexusagi: tagged me, great I'm happy to do it :D Let's go ! 

[ ] You are the oldest child in your family.
[ ] You hate when people "bend the rules".
[X] You would consider yourself a bit of a traditionalist.
[X] You tend to "mother" those around you.
[ ] Your mother/father is your idol.
[X] You've found philosophies of life from watching television.
[ ] You feel you'd be the first of your family to die for a loved one. (that's a very deep question…Oo)
[ ] You've been called "bossy" often.
[/] You usually avoid breaking rules, unless you find a real need to.
[X] You're not one to often lose your composure.
Total: 4,5/10 - 4,5 x 10% = 45%

[ ] You are the second oldest child in your family.
[X] You often feel that one of your siblings is favored over you.
[X] You become frustrated easily.
[X] You love competition and challenges.
[X] You love to exercise.
[/]  You despise being told what to do.
[/] You've been in more than one physical fight.
[X] You love to fight, even if it's not out of anger or even personal.
[ ] You're extremely protective of your younger sibling(s). (Don't have younger siblings :( but if I had, I'd be very protective )
[X] You are often sarcastic. (that's exactly me !!)
Total: 7/10 - 7 x 10% = 70 %

[X] You are the third born child in your family.
[ ] You get awkward and shy around your crush(es).
[ ] You are/were a straight A/honor roll student.
[X] You have low tolerance for stupidity.
[X] You have a tendency to overlook the obvious.
[ ] You would prefer to exercise your mind than your body.
[ ] You have been called a "nerd" many times.
[X] You are most comfortable planning out nearly everything that you want to do.
[ ] Science and engineering are very interesting to you.
[X] You feel that sometimes your loved ones expect too much of you.
Total: 5/10 -  5 x 10% = 50

[X] You are the fourth or youngest child in your family.
[/] You tend to tune out when you probably should be paying attention.
[X] You feel that your family doesn't take you seriously.
[X] You consider yourself lighthearted and witty.
[X] People treat you like you're dumb, but you know you're not.
[ ] You have been called "creative" many times.
[X] You can't help but pity people who are getting harshly punished even when they're wrong.
[X] You are often smiling for seemingly random reasons.
[ ] You are unorganized and messy.
[X] You get really excited about good food.
Total: 7,5/10 -  7,5 x 10% = 75%

[ ] You were raised as an only child.
[ ] You have been in a lot of fights.
[ ] You wear a lot of black.
[ ] You have been called "sneaky" and not always in a good way.
[X] You're not great at expressing your feelings.
[ ] You tend to hold grudges.
[/] You remain cool under pressure most of the time.
[ ] You have several piercings.
[ ] You are/were a rebellious teen.
[ ] You never keep friends for very long.
Total: 1,5/10 -  1,5 x 10 = 15%

[ ] You are a daddy's girl.
[X] You prefer to do things on your own.
[ ] You are/were an honor roll/straight A student.
[X] You have a very small number of friends overall.
[ ] You almost always wear your hair up.
[X] You are a strong animal rights supporter and activist.
[X] You often clash with those who are bossy (because you are a bit yourself)
[ ] Math and Science are some of your best subjects.
[ ] You have more male friends than female.
[ ] You've been called a "tomboy" several times.
Total: 4/10 - 4 x 10 = 40%

I tag everyone who wants to do it ! Have fun ! =) Thanks :iconexusagi: !

Looks like I'm close to Mikey and Raph (how is that possible ?), then Donnie, Leo, April and Karai.. =) 
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I need to say something… I mean...IT WAS LIKE THE BEST EPISODE OF THE SEASON 2 FOR NOW !! I loved everything in that episode, it was epic ! I can't really write a big review so I'll say what I thought. 

This episode wasn't like the others, he was more complex, dramatic, mature and psychological. This episode prove that the show isn't only for kids. We saw Raph like never before. He was very protective and fight Slash very hard to protect his brothers. A kind of Raph that I enjoyed. 

I loved Leo having tea time with the little girl, that was so cute and adorable. ''No no you have to hold your pinky out'' ''I don't really have a pinky...'' I laughed so loud. Can we have a chance to see them more with kids in the next episodes ? Because Leo was so cute with her. ^^

We saw Mikey and Donnie without their masks, that was kinda weird but funny too. ^^ (but not Leo and Raph, next time maybe?) I didn't think Spike will act like he did, I thought he was going to join the team and be best friend with Raph or something. I didn't expect that Slash was so violent and aggressive, he was a little harmless pet turtle and became an enormous violent evil monster. I hope to see him again.