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I'm baacckkkk!

2 min read
Well, I decided to come back to my original account as I really need to start making art again.
I haven't made any artwork in SO long and it's kind of frustrating.
I had even got an intuos5 from my dad for my birthday and haven't used it much at all D:

So here I am.. I'm going to try making more deviations and submit more artwork for everyone to see.
I hope some of you will enjoy the fact that I'm actually back on my ORIGINAL account, as some of you 
got very confused when I left this one and switched. As allot of people thought my artwork was stolen
and all that bizz. SO I apologize for so much confusion during that time, but we should have no more confusion hopefully now.

I also apologize for never getting back to some of you about things, and replying to your questions. 
I feel fairly bad but not sure if I should reply now as some of the questions were fairly long ago..
But if you still have a question and you'd like me to answer it, please feel more then welcome to ask!
I will do my best to get back to you :) (Smile) 

Thanks to all my watchers and supporters of my artwork!
I appreciate all your lovely compliments/comments. 
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3 min read

Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've been able to get on DA. I think something on my computer blocked it. But it's fine now and I'm finally able to return and upload art again.

So lately it's been pretty exciting.
I just got a new puppy. He's a 2 month old yorkshire terrier.
His name is Kyle ;D Named after the dog on despicable me.

Then of course I have Wrangler.
:D whom I get to ride today, hopefully pictures, yes?

I have a youtube account.
And I'm going to start uploading videos of artwork and wrangler on there for now on..…

Hopefully that works.
2 new videos on there of a painting I'm working on :D
Please subscribe if you can, and commented, favorite, and like. I'd appreciate it.

Same goes for here. I'll have a new piece up soon :D

I hope you all have a great day..

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2 min read

Well, thankfully my wrist is healed, except my fingers are messed up. They are crooked and they hurt all the time. But there isn't allot I can do for that.

But I'm clearly back into manipulating and I'm fine now which is great.
I no longer have the horse that threw me off.
Gave her back to the owners, I still wouldn't be able to ride right now.
Especially since I have to hold my hands on the reins like a fist which kills my hands.

Plus the owners lied to me big time about the horse.
So, I felt It was time to give her back.

Open for commissions.
Send me a message if you're interested.

New painting I've done.

I would like to thank you all for the favorites, pageviews, comments etc.
I really appreciate all the supporters :)

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No manipulations for a while

3 min read

So I was riding my horse "Stella" Yesterday evening.
Took her outside to ride her on a path, she started acting weird so I was turning around.
Then a deer popped out of nowhere.

She popped up, took a hard left, jerking me to the right.
Made me lose my stirrup, and fall head first, and landing on my right wrist.

Broke my growth plate, so I can't move my wrist, I will have a cast Thursday, for now I have a brace.
This really ruins my show season, and being consistent with artwork. :(

It will probably be at least two months for it to heal..
:/ I've cried so many times, not about the pain, but because I can't ride, or make manipulations.

I'm really disappointed in myself for even walking her out there.
But things happen :(

Skin by *jennyleigh

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3 min read

I'm almost at 10,000  views for my profile on here. It may not be allot, but hey, it's something.
I'm finally getting out there I believe, and it's getting exciting :D

Still open for commissions.
I do them on ponybox, and for other horse-sim sites, but you may either have to pay real money if you play on another game.

Keep up all the favorites :+fav: , and comments on my manipulations.
It means allot. :hug:

I've also updated my account. :D If you notice anything different, I've changed a few things.

And of course, I need to add this.
This is a message to all of you. :police:
Please, please keep your eye out for any of my artwork being stolen.
I'm hoping it's done and over with for right now, but there is no telling.
So it would mean allot to me if you could keep looking for them.

But thanks again for all the views and :+fav:

© skin,

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