I'm baacckkkk!

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Deviation Actions

Well, I decided to come back to my original account as I really need to start making art again.
I haven't made any artwork in SO long and it's kind of frustrating.
I had even got an intuos5 from my dad for my birthday and haven't used it much at all D:

So here I am.. I'm going to try making more deviations and submit more artwork for everyone to see.
I hope some of you will enjoy the fact that I'm actually back on my ORIGINAL account, as some of you 
got very confused when I left this one and switched. As allot of people thought my artwork was stolen
and all that bizz. SO I apologize for so much confusion during that time, but we should have no more confusion hopefully now.

I also apologize for never getting back to some of you about things, and replying to your questions. 
I feel fairly bad but not sure if I should reply now as some of the questions were fairly long ago..
But if you still have a question and you'd like me to answer it, please feel more then welcome to ask!
I will do my best to get back to you :) (Smile) 

Thanks to all my watchers and supporters of my artwork!
I appreciate all your lovely compliments/comments. 
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