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Commander Shepard: Human Spectre

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Winner, MCM Midlands Expo Cosplay Masquerade 2014.

It's not just me who cosplays, the other half does it too! This is Si's very first cosplay, Commander Shepard from Mass Effect 3. Little bit of Renegade action creeping in there, you notice.

The undersuit is comprised of a black compression top and matching leggings rather than a wetsuit, since a bit easier to get in and out of. Otherwise, the whole thing is a traditional craft foam build. Black EVA foam floor tiles with some thinner, 2mm craft foam for detailing.

Foam alone wasn't a good enough colour to leave unpainted, so everything has been sprayed with a few different coats of car paint, as it gives a better, more metallic finish. In the end, it was built up with matt black as a base, then Ford Midnight Grey to get the metal effect. Dinks and weathereing comes from a little aluminium colour.

Taken with Canon 60D
Photographer: Me
Model: Si Spencer
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Canon EOS 60D
Shutter Speed
1/99 second
Focal Length
75 mm
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Date Taken
Oct 20, 2013, 4:05:57 PM
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The amount of time and effort that went into this really shines through; it's easily one of the best suits from Mass Effect I've ever seen :) Thanks for sharing and I hope you two had a blast at the convention!
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Thx for model..
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Would you ever sell or make more for selling?
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Don't thnk we'll ever sell them, I'm afraid - far too attached to them!
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Loving the detail in the armor and the swag of the model. I like the weathering around the thigh armor definitely makes it look and feel more weathered and used. Beautifully done overall. The only way to make this more perfect is to make the hand cannon airsoft functional.
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Thanks very much! The weathering took a while to do, but we reckon it makes a lot of difference. :) Very glad you liked the cosplay.
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dud that is a wicked haircut :D (Big Grin) Too Cool! 
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Even though i'm male and straight i do gotta say- YOU!! mam are one lucky woman. 2 Thumbs up!!!
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Hehe, yeah I'm not complaining. :)
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Let's be honest here, this cosplay isn't just for the Cons and photography, is it? Lucky girl. ;P
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Well, I'm certainly not complaining. :D
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he has the face and the body for it.

continue cosplaying.
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Hehe, thanks - he's not too shabby. :)
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Cute model, amazing detail in the armor, great pose... I'm blown away. :)
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Hehe, thanks, we're glad you like it. :)
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Outstanding paintjob.  By far the closest I've seen to the in-game tone.
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Thanks very much - all down to the wonders of car paint. :)
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Hot And Awesome!
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That's just epic! w00t!
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