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I was tagged by :iconfaeriedivine: so let me tell you some facts about me:

1. When I was a kid, I used to eat Carbon paper and my poop was indigo coloured. :D

2. I was really an ugly baby. The type of baby that only mom could love. Trust me, no kiddin' about this one. I even got some photo somewhere. I'll definitely find it. :D

3. I study economics but I actually hate it. But, I managed to go through all my lectures and now I only have 13 exams left till diploma. :love: Sometimes I had this feeling that I will never finish it (still haven't but I know I will!). :D

4. I'm really one emotional soul. :love: I always cry when I'm watching some romantic movies, at weddings, and stuff like that. I just can't help myself. :giggle:

5. I love cosmetics! :love: I really got bunch of it, but hardly ever put some make-up on. I just like to collect all kind of cosmetic stuff and tu watch it, organize it... etc. :D

6. I collect everything. Really, everything! :D From all kind of note books, stamps, sticks, pens to old letters, post cards, serviettes, etc. I need a place just for my stuff that I've got. :D

7. I love Sweden and everything that comes from or is made in Sweden. I lived there when I was about 10 years old, and always felt sorry for coming back to Croatia. Who knows where would I bee if I've stayed there. :)

8. And finally, the last fact is that soon I'll be moving to Zagreb with my bf. :love:


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Cannot believe you were an ugly baby!