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I started playing around with all this photoshop stuff (although I use the GIMP program) back in October 2013. I'm a filmmaker out of Chicago and I had the idea of in order to begin self-promotion, so why not start making promotional material for any of my works? Any of the graphic design friend that I had didn't share my vision with what I was going for, since they worked with different things catered more to band posters and I downloaded the GIMP program (cause it was free) and I remembered some basic things from a class I took in high school back in 2002, as well as watched a few Youtube videos on how to do certain things.

And every day, I just practiced. I'd make something new from scratch every day.

I originally started this to learn how to make my own promo material, which I still do to this day....I just have fallen into the love of making this a hobby as well. Hence, I rebooted a dormant DA page that I've had for a few years, and I began uploading what all I've done that doesn't cater to my own personal business agenda.