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VY2 Yuma

Oh look fanart :iconuhuhuhuplz: First fanart on this account.

ugh sooo messyyyy. I was trying out different linearting and coloring and didn't bother to resize my canvas so what you see is the original size. Now you can see all the mistakes too! Yay! And I know I said I'd be on hiatus but I doodled this and I liked it so I'm posting it. |'D

VY2 Yuma is my favorite vocaloid because of Ie no Ura de Manbou ga ShinderuP (Takahashi Yuu) and Manbou no Ane (Tsukasa Ryuuguu). Have you heard their songs and seen their illustrations? They do a lot of Miku and Gumi, too, but maybe I'll draw fanart of them some other time.

Some Takahashi Yuu Videos with VY2!
   :bulletblue: Clingy Boy Sticking Up for 15 Years: Link
   :bulletblue: Via Stingrays, My Proposal Bends Iron: Link
   :bulletblue: The Dimension Leaping Shampoo Hat: Link
   :bulletblue: The Dark Lord's Like a Fawning Girl: Link
   :bulletblue: The Festive Monster's Cheerful Failure: Link

Hmmm, I want to join some contests. Know any contests I should join? And does anyone want some chibies or quick doodle busts? I've opened up point commissions for $5 (500:points:) and $4 (400 :points:) respectively-- just look at my page for examples. Note me! (:
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This is pretty cool, I like your shading style.
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Ahhahah, Of course!~


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I don't him, but he sure look badass your drawing :iconmotherofgod-plz:
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Woaaaaah *__* It's amazing! And my fav Vocaloid too ;__;
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Yeah!! VY2!! iconepichighfiveplz:
Thanks a lot!! :D
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nice work looks great.
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SOOO SEXY...SOOOOOO HIM. Love this vocaloid.

Great work :3
The colors of background are just perfect. The gloves: OMGGGG. Love the tie and chacket.

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Yay, another VY2 fan! \o/

Thank you! :'D
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Oh my god. *^* Can I use this as my profile picture?
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W-Wow! I'm really flattered. //// Of course you may. :D As long as my link is still in the picture or there's a link to my dA page. :) Thank you! ///
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Of course there will be a link!! :DD
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But, a question..

How do I credit? Like, where? xD
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Looks amazing, love the colouring =7=
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Thank you so much! I'm glad you think so, ehe.
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you're welcome =7=
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Uwah! I love VY2! This picture is so lovely!! I love the way he looks in your style! AAH!
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Ahhh, thank you so much! ;;;v;;; I love VY2 too, ahaha.
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