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Really quick doodle. Like, 2-3 hours? I doodled something really quick and linearted really quick and colored really quick. It looks neat so I'll upload it here and then maybe upload this on my game update blog, too.

Sho the fire magician, for my game, Magicians of Delphine. This guy gets younger every time I draw him hahah one day he will be a full-blown shota no one will believe he is an old man :^)


I'm getting the hang of celshading! I'm still thinking about the way I'm going to color my CGs, but if I go for celshading, it'd look like this. I'm leaning towards the otome style coloring where the edges aren't so hard, though.
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i just read the lil short comic of sho s a father on lemma and thought it was so cute XD
and lol - dont turn him shota! i like him as he is now...or was like in he game :P
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The only bad thing about Magicians of Delphine is that I can't decide who is my favourite character, just all of them are so awesome and cute and asdfghjjkkl
Great job! :iconclappingplz::iconclappingplz::iconclappingplz: