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Prince Lovell of Leveaux

I don't want to work on this anymore so just deal with the half-finished coloring. o|-<

Prince Lovell of Leveaux for my otome game Magicians of Delphine, also known as the Tyrant of Leveaux. He's my favorite character. I don't want to spoil too much about him, but he's as strong as he is crazy. He's secretly a shoujo heroine. This is only going to make sense when people play the game. :iconokie2plz:

I was doing a cell-shading tutorial with this but ehhh I'll just finish up the tutorial with another drawing since I stopped taking screenshots early on.

Hmm. I should have figured out his outfit before doing a drawing of him, haha.
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awesome looks really awesome.
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Gwah! You continue to make me like him too much XD You are spoiling your followers! :)
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ohhh~ tall dark and red eyes~ dayum
shoujo heroine???
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He has the heart of a teenage girl. |-D *keeps being cryptic*
chocobikies's avatar doesnt suit his image XD an otomen?
littlebabyshoes's avatar
I had to look up otomen. LOL slkdfjsd
Nooo he's not like that. He's downright evil and a murderer of puppies and other cute things.

But he is kind of a hopeless romantic. Like, really hopeless.
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aw~ the bad boys with the the little bit of sweet always win <///<!
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Ahahaa, he's not just bad though-- he's completely psycho. o|-< If that's still good enough, then...
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:iconblushinplz: Ahaha, you really think so? Thank you!
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I really like the rich colors of this! Also the speckles on his body make it look like an endless void. 

Dun dun dun...
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Storm--!! :iconoldschoolownedplz:

Deep within that endless void is the heart of a maiden. :iconmingplz:
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Aza!! o w o 

Hehehe. I really can't wait to see this game all said and done. It looks so cool. 
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I want to release the demo already but I don't have graphics for it yet, lol. *being slow* And did you hear that I might have voice acting?! It'll only be for battle cries or a little catchphrases though. A super nice person offered to help find voice actors for me but if I do have them in the game, I'll tell them all about you and Icy, okay?! *v*
R4v3nbr4in's avatar
Stick figures Aza, stick figures.

And yes!! Your sister told me! You gotta let us Aza, you just gotta. O w O we have experience, we've got awesome mics. Obviously we're totally qualified, plus I've done battle cries so there won't be no flimsy yelp from meee. Hehehe.
It's also super easy to find voice actors too! There's a few sites that you could post all that info on it to get them.
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:iconpapmingplz: I don't want to release a demo with stick figures... No one would play it asdfsd

That's great! *v* I don't know anything about voice acting though so I'm leaving it to someone else. @v@ The person who's going to help me is a voice actress too, and she's directed multiple voice casting positions. I'm guessing she'll probably be the one to choose who gets what role. o|-< I'll see if she'll let me pick who gets which roles though, ahaha.
R4v3nbr4in's avatar
Hahaha, that's true. People would probably think it was some kind of joke...

Ohh nice! well I would love to audition : D and that's awesome you have someone who is helping you out with casting, it can get a little overwhelming if you get flooded with auditions. The hardest part is finding the perfect voice I think, and giving out critiques. You should see if she'll let you cast, it's your project / u \ either way, excited to see this!
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What if I had art like this ( instead? I think people'd play it. xD

It won't be for another few months while I get things done! \o/ I'll just note you/talk to you on Skype, okay? And yeah, I think I'd probably be helping out with casting, now that you mention it. It is my project. XD I kind of don't want to though, ahaha. *lazy*
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This is half finished? o_0 You must be blind cause this "half-finished" masterpiece is gorgeous!
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:iconpapmingplz: Cafe-Hour, you're too nice aaaaaah thank you ////
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:iconmingplz: aaaaaaaahhhh!! Nu you're too awesome! Give me your skills & talents~ >///<
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Too badass and sexy for my kokoro :iconcannotevenplz: :iconluvluvplz:
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aslkdfjsdf oh HaruChizu you :iconblushinplz:
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