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Aleo / Aleolith

My OC Aleo, a prodigy magician with the potential to master any vein of magic (special snowflake). Sheltered most his/her life in nature with only their grumpy hermit mentor (Reziel) and their rabbit familiar (Ether) for company, apprentice magician Aleo is a vibrant and awkward youth full of wonder and enthusiasm for the outside world. When magicians across the country have been drafted into the army of Delphine, Aleo finally takes his/her first steps into the world s/he dreamed to take part in-- even if it's a world currently drenched in conflict and war.

A chipper and cheerful character prone to biting sarcasm when frustrated. Not shy. Tends to ask a lot of questions. Likes competition and dislikes rejection.

Both genders are cannon because I like them both. They're protagonists for my Fantasy Otome VN/Dating Sim which I haven't worked on in forever pfft someone write it for me or form a VN/DS circle with me-- Currently writing for 6 male interests, and 2 female interests. I can't decide if I want it R18+ but ahhh, I shouldn't worry about that sort of thing until I get the script and programming engine done. "orz


I think there's too much blue in their outfit so I'll probably be redesigning it. I have the urge to design outfits and make adoptables and become a kawaii artist and Idon'tevenknowsomeonehelp. ;;; I also want to join Pixiv Fantasia but I don't know about that either... ^q^;;;
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Cool armor and fantasy outfits are a thing I can't get enough of. Therefor, this picture makes me unbearable happy. Love 
littlebabyshoes's avatar
I can't either! 8D
Ahh, I'm glad you feel that way!
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You say too much blue as if it's a thing that exists //laughs

surprise surprise it's Lumi back from the dead for about the 9th time now I was looking for good non-shota art cause I wanna join a more mature group and the first person I thought of was you yaaaaaaaay OvOb please tell me this is still a game because I'm psyched now aww yissss no good vns have come out for a whileeee ;7;
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Wow. I will be looking forward to the future release of this game. Whenever it is.
littlebabyshoes's avatar
;;; 7 ;;; Thank you very much! Hopefully I'll actually finish this. Hahaha.
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There can never be too much blue!

I love your designsss.
I'm sure if you got into adopts they'd be sold out in a second.
littlebabyshoes's avatar
Ahhhhhh omg thank you! :iconcraiplz:

You're always too nice ahhh /////
10EternalNightmare's avatar
Blue is my favorite color so I ain't complainin'. You have done a fantastic job and the character designs are flawless
littlebabyshoes's avatar
:iconwhatwhereplz: :iconbrohugplz:
Aaaaaaah, thank you...! That's super nice of you to say..! ;//A//;
10EternalNightmare's avatar
^_^ you're very welcome
0-SD-0's avatar
That character design :iconlazepoolplz:
Why so coolllll ~ The palette is pretty nice already, THERE AIN'T TOO MUCH BLUE.
littlebabyshoes's avatar

PFFF //// Aaaah, thank you ;;;A;;; And it's been a while!! I hope you've been doing well! >v<
0-SD-0's avatar
hurr durr //// :iconmoeblushplz:

All's good ~ i hope everything's alright on your side too! /w\
Xelgot's avatar
amazing, I simply love it :D
littlebabyshoes's avatar
Aaaah, thank you very much! ///
Xelgot's avatar
you're welcome (:
ArtsExile's avatar
This is great I love the design of their outfits and the colour scheme you chose it looks perfect ! :)
littlebabyshoes's avatar
Whoa! Thank you so much! ;;v;; I'm glad you like it, haha! /////
ArtsExile's avatar
I love your work :) looking at it really makes me feel inspired :)
Icysapphire's avatar
I love this design. *n* and the colors are so wonderfuuuulll.
Sobs I'd help you write it kdbfgkhsdfg
littlebabyshoes's avatar
//// Aaahhh, thank you. ;A;;; I'm actually not sure about the design itself (it looks plain to me), but I feel a bit more reassured about that. :'D

Whoa, would you really...?! Just advice would be amazing; I don't want to eat up your time!

For me, my largest issue has to do with introduction. If I don't get it right, I can't start on anything else. :'''D I have no idea how to open any of my stuff! All my intros tend to be long-winded and slow-paced, typically portraying a normal day before throwing them into the action. ;;; I don't know how to omit unimportant stuff.

psssst let's all make a Mendeleev VN gameeeee
Icysapphire's avatar
Omg no anytime! I love helping (and being involved) ;u;
Feel free to note me or email me or get on msn and throw ideas at my face any time you feel like you need someone to bounce stuff off of OTL.
I can never have enough projects
If you have any sort of introduction already written out I can look it over for you if you want kdsbfgksdf sobs it sounds like fun

also omfg I'm totally down with that let's do it let's do it
and we're working on setting up the Mendeleev text roleplay if you want me to throw the link for that at you
but that one might go up a bit later than the TMM one and the Pokemon one we've already been constructing ksdbfgsdfg
littlebabyshoes's avatar
;;;7;;; If it's fine with you and you don't mind, I'll do that! I really appreciate it; I really admire your writing and it would be such an honor to have your help!
I'd actually really like some advice on a different game rather than this one; there's more progress with the writing and it's probably in way worse shape since I'm just letting my stream of consciousness flow onto the page. Umm, the writing style for the VNs are first person and dialogue heavy, which are both my greatest weaknesses. Any critique-- grammar, spelling, tone, what should be added/omitted/avoided, etc-- would be so amazing...! ;A;///

lol yesssss My writing is a bit shitty though so I'd probably just be more helpful working with the interface and programming or things like that. "orz
Ooh! Yes, please, I'd like to see!! *A*
And it's fine, it's fine. >v< Which one is the Pokemon one?
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