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Ankylosaurus magniventris - Saurian

Fun little render for a fun little dinosaur. Big tubby boy Anky comes to you with the expertise of Victoria Arbour and design work by :iconchrismasna:
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Still the most marvellous Anky reconstruction i've seen. It's so gorgeous and animalian.

IndoraptorOrionfan19's avatar
Such a really chubby boy!

The scales, the amor and the club, well the overall body is amazingly  sculpted! I'm so jealous!
gytalf2000's avatar
Wow, that's great!
TyrannosaurusLives00's avatar
Is the coloring based off a box turtle by any chance?
Dall5000's avatar
I love the colors used. Reminds me of a painted turtle.
Keelmac's avatar
One of my favorite dinosaurs, and this colorization of him looks sick!
ikessauro's avatar
Could you authorize the use of this image for a blog post? I am looking for the most up to date images of Ankylosaurus following Arbour's work and your's is amazing. I'll make sure to credit and link to your page.
LittleBaardo's avatar
Yeah as long as you credit me I have no problem with you using it on your blog. Thanks for asking. :)
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乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚
Carcascan's avatar
You make Ankylosaurus looks good, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??

But seriously though, marvellous work as always. How can you guys consistently pumped out well design dinosaurs and other creatures is seriously something to be admired, great show of research and dedication. Nice work TyrantTR, ChrisMasna, Arvalis and anyone else involved in the making of each of them!
Viergacht's avatar
The box turtle colors are eminently suitable!
XStreamChaosOfficial's avatar
So this is what happens when a pig, hippo, crocodile, and a turtle have a baby.
paleosir's avatar
Very nice model with a great colouration.
Seeing as you guys worked together with Victoria Arbour to make this: how much of her new paper on Ankylosaurus will be incorporated in the game?
Will Ankylosaurus be a able to dig for roots and small subterranean invertebrates? And would the in-game max size also be ~8 to ~10 m?
LittleBaardo's avatar
To my knowledge Victoria's paper was mostly regarding anatomy and life restoration. Which was the primary thing she consulted with us on. I haven't read through the whole thing yet but my assumption is that we've incorporated everything that pertains to that.
I do know that ankylosaurus' beak implied some form of specialization but I can't recall what. That would be a question for Tom Parker. I'll get back to you on that one. I do know that it will at-least get to be up to 8 meters.
Auronyth's avatar
Fantastic! Very perfectly accurate and logically consistent and plausible (but not boring) colouration!
DinoswarsRAwesome's avatar
The coloring's remind me heaps of some species of poison dart frogs 
ThatCoelurosaur's avatar
Wow, this is actually breathtaking. Amazing job.
VanishingSilence's avatar
This boi probably won a fashion show or two not in the to distant past.
Evodolka's avatar
a stunning animal with a stunning design
truly magnificent :)
LittleBaardo's avatar
Thanks, be sure to give :iconchrismasna: some love too, he did the design work.
Evodolka's avatar
already watch him :D
he's awesome
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