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I have a confession to make, I am not very good at writing self bios. I'm sure everyone that happens upon this page will care. So instead I decided to fill this space with absolutely nothing relevant. At-least its more interesting like this than it would be if I tried to actually write a bio.
I've put some models for sale up on Shapeways. Go take a look!
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The first of my art project titled jurassic the next generation which is the tyrannosaurus rex is complete and posted on deviantart and you are credited for the reference material dude

Hi Jacob, I saw your T. rex and I thought I'd just let you know you shrinkwrapped the hell out of it you idiot. You absolute cretin.

Saw the design of the tyrannosaurus rex and the other tyrannosaurs that you helped designedwith raul Ramos and david silva for the beasts of the mesozoic tyrannosaur line I'm kinda impressed by the pictures of the design but the headsof the tyrannosaurs looked like they're shrink wrapped no offense dude

No offense taken. I base my reconstructions on nature. Birds, crocodiles and lizards all show obvious underlying skeletal anatomy in choice areas. The face on these creatures is one of the areas where the soft tissue seems to trend towards hugging the skeleton rather closely. In light of my references I don't think my reconstruction is especially egregious. It has massive fleshy lips, big caruncles and keratinous extensions, I don't think it is reasonable to consider it shrink wrapped.

I believe this allergic reaction to seeing indications of any skeletal structure in the face is a little memetic and misinterprets the problems with historically shrink wrapped reconstructions.

The reason why I said that is basically cause I remembered reading mark p witton’s the paleoartist’s handbook when he was talking about shrinkwrapping and Tracy lee ford of prehistoric times magazine where he was saying that antorbital fenesture area of the skull would not be visible on carnivorous dinosaurs when they are alive

Yeah, I don't think it should be ultra clearly defined, but I don't think it is in my model. At-least not relative to plenty of natural examples. Look up some pictures of cassowaries and emus for example. They have surprisingly really crisp edges around their fenestrae and their soft tissue hugs the overall form of the skull quite tightly.

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Right now I'm currently working on an art project that is basically balancing out the design of the dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals of the jurassic park / world franchise with the current scientific research and discoveries and I was wondering if I could use your paleoartwork as reference material I promise I'll credit you for it please