Cheap Commissions!! :0 OPEN!

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Commissions CLOSED! by LittleB100Bird

Note me or leave a comment down below telling me what you want,
if you want anything not specifically listed feel free to message me and we can talk about it!
Same goes for backgrounds / extra details and stuff cause those cost more :">

All prices are listed in points but I also accept paypal!! 
No Porn/nsfw stuff?? 
Light gore is OKAY but I wont draw organs oof

Half body for 800 :points: 
(+400 per bonus character)

He's not that special by LittleB100Bird Scat Man by LittleB100BirdPablo by LittleB100Bird

Milki March Prompt 1 by LittleB100BirdGggggggggggg by LittleB100Bird

I.D. type jazz like these for 700 :points: 
(+400 per bonus character)
The reason these cost a little extra is because of the extra shading + background details

Dog by LittleB100BirdUh-Oh Gamers by LittleB100BirdDemon Lady by LittleB100Bird

Fullbodies are 1,200 :points: !
(+700 per bonus character)

Buffy by LittleB100BirdTiefling gOD :Commission: by LittleB100BirdCute Blue Fur1 by LittleB100Bird
Love Is Sweet! :Commission: by LittleB100BirdThe Best Girlfronds by LittleB100BirdGucci by LittleB100Bird

slightly more sketchy stuff for 400 :points:
(+250 per bonus character)
I Cant Feel You by LittleB100BirdFurry Time by LittleB100BirdStardew Boy2 by LittleB100Bird

Chibi Fullbody?? 600 Points :points:

its just a cuter, more simple style RIP

The Saddest Tree by LittleB100Birdlawyer-love by LittleB100BirdNya Rawr2 by LittleB100Bird

Headshots/busts 500 points :points:
Nya Rawr by LittleB100Bird
Little Boi by LittleB100BirdSlobby by LittleB100Bird

icons like these for 500 :points:

Ezimba18458277788400 by LittleB100BirdA Baby by LittleB100BirdCute Poot by LittleB100BirdBebby by LittleB100BirdCutebean by LittleB100BirdBanoooooooffff by LittleB100BirdEzimba13385054959500 by LittleB100Bird
Two lads in love by LittleB100BirdConneccc3 by LittleB100Bird
^Or 800 For connecting icons!^

Bouncy Pixel Fullbody!! 700 :points:

(+300 per bonus character)
Ezimba13385092348900 by LittleB100BirdIt's not a secret by LittleB100BirdADORABLE LITTLE LADY :comm: by LittleB100Bird

Backgrounds and Heavy Lighting Effects are extra! (except for IDs I go all out on those)
just note me and we can talk about prices<3

Everything I do now is inspired by moomin dhfhfgf by LittleB100BirdMilki Summer Prompt 6 by LittleB100BirdMilki Summer Prompt 9 by LittleB100Bird

+ keychain commissions here
Custom Keychain Commissions Open!!They're $10 for a custom, and generally going to be chibi, about 1.2 inches tall
works best for headshots or halfbodies 

((sorry the pictures are really blurry I forgot to take pics before giving them to my boyfriend jljskljf))
I'm also offering custom pins for $10! would be best for headshots? 
or cute curled up animal characters

You can ask for these in the comments, link refs and all that but please give me your mailing address through note or email if you'd prefer
if you have any questions feel free to ask!
im gonna try and make some YCHs for these two cause I feel like that would be easier

© 2016 - 2021 LittleB100Bird
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BreadOfPain's avatar

How much would a chibi fullbody and icon be for this boye? :0c

LittleB100Bird's avatar

Sorry for the late response!!

If you're still interested you can send the $15 here

And if there are any specific poses or expressions you'd like let me know! <3

SleepSick's avatar

sent and no prob!

can the brown cinna (majima) be in a tux and in this pose please? just the top part, no pants or shoes

other you can do whatever! :)

Majima Goro - Yakuza Zero Render
LittleB100Bird's avatar
SleepSick's avatar

hey if you didnt get started yet can i change the character or get a refund?

LittleB100Bird's avatar

Sorry i've been so slow!! I havent started yet, so you could change out the character but If you'd like a refund I can do that for you too! I totally understand fdfj

SleepSick's avatar

a refund would be nice if that's ok ;w;///

just to reiterate/so you can find it more easily my paypal is

i really appreciate your generosity and do plan on commissioning in the future, thank you for working with me

LittleB100Bird's avatar

No problem!! Thank you for putting up with me! fdjsljfds

money should be sent! <3

Carmel-Tea's avatar

Are these still open:O

LittleB100Bird's avatar

yeah tho the prices are a bit oudated!! :0

If you tell me what you're interested in I can give you a more accurate estimate! <3

Carmel-Tea's avatar

you're art is so cute btw sobs :'D

id like a chibi full body and a headshot!

LittleB100Bird's avatar

jdsjfdjsdf thank you!! and Ok!! <3 That'd be $15 here! PayPal.Me

I just need any character refs and if you'd like any specific poses or expressions! <3

Carmel-Tea's avatar

Okie doke! Sent and i want both of this boi! And possibly for a pose / expression would be looking really happy ! and a pose would be a hand on his face like hes confused/curious

LittleB100Bird's avatar

Alrighty!! I'll have them for you asap! & lucky for you thats my signature pose XD

Carmel-Tea's avatar

YEsssss ! Thank you!

LittleB100Bird's avatar

Alrighty here you are!! Sorry for the wait!


Just let me know if you'd like anything changed! : )

Toast-435's avatar

Am I able to grab a fullbody chibi from you?

LittleB100Bird's avatar

Oh sure!! : >

Those are $6 here

just send me the ref and any specific poses or details youd like!

Toast-435's avatar


I'd like to get a chibi of my fursona Toast holding her stuffie BOI.

If that's okay? I still love the Auri'leth chibi you did for me and I want to grab a cheeb of all my characters from you so they're matching.

Here is my fursona's ref and the stuffie is on the ref too. Thank you so much! Do I send payment now or later?

LittleB100Bird's avatar

Sure thing!! I accept payments before hand, If your friend wants one dfkdjf the payment would still need to be sent here!

My chibis are $6 each and idk why this is in bold but im not changing it omgg

Toast-435's avatar

I'll pass the info to my friend but I need to wait until we pay bills.

We have like $400 in bills coming up so I gotta focus that I'm sorry ; n ;

LittleB100Bird's avatar

aa its okay!! take care of yourself hun!

Toast-435's avatar

hi okay so I have a little bit of money to spend

Firstly, I want to ask if you can edit the colours on my previous elf commissions? I made her skin darker cuz my skin tone has changed over the two years I've lived in California and I wanted Auri to reflect that.

It'd be just her skin, I was wondering if you'd charge at all for that?

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