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OPEN FC Pride adopts Batch 3!

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I AM very late and uhhhhhhMM!! hello to everyone on dA who thought i was dead :" ))))

these are all trans pride themed sOO

Comment or dm to claim!

1: Cotton Candy Puppy!!! $8
(c) Small bodytype! (4-12'')
(c) Two Eyes
(c) puppy ears!
(c) frosting tail

2. VERY cool cat!!! $11
(c) Normal bodytype! (1-2 feet)
(c) Eyes up to you! 0-3
(c) Cat Ears
(c) Frosting tail 

3. Vintage Lesbian $12
(c) Normal Bodytype (1-2 feet)
(c) Two Eyes
(c) Those candy pom poms on her head are pART Of her

4. Skater boy see you later boy $15
(c) Normal Bodytype (1-2 feet)
(c) two eyes!
(c) Cat ears
(c) his tail is a rock candy lollipop!

If you purchase please join the group
Do not resell for more than you bought them for, unless additional art has been added!
Please keep me updated if you sell them!
Don't change the design too much once purchased!! <3 Clothes and hair are fine but i'd like the colors and vibe to stay mostly the same!

More about the species here;
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Can i get number 1!