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OPEN Bansik Halloween Adopts 5

Bansik are colorful anthropomorphic mammals that lay eggs, their colors are important to how they act and what abilities they have!
Check out the group for more info here :iconcolors-of-burona:

These guys are gonna be a little more expensive than usual just because I put a lot of work into them jfdsjjfsfdk
Also two of them are children because why not aaaaa!!! You can definitely change their age when you buy tho

Adopt 1; Dinosuar!! $10
A little yellow blood!! VERY babby and VERY into dinosaurs!! 

short face fluff (uncommon)
short muzzle (common)
cat ears (rare)
long tail (common)
height; SMOL (common)
green eyes (common)

Adopt 2; Pirate!! $10 
Coal red blood kiddo who thinks they're THE coolest!! They like rough housing and running around outdoors for adventure!!!

short face fluff (uncommon)
short muzzle (uncommon)
floppy rabbit ears (uncommon)
rabbit tail (rare)
height; Still smol because child (common)
coal eyes (rare)

Adopt 3; Peeking Ghost!! $15  
SPOOOOKY gray blood, not much to say about them I just think they're neat!

short face fluff (common)
short muzzle (common)
Rabbit ears (uncommon)
short thin tail (rare)
height; 4'0-5'5 (common)
blue eyes (common)
eXTRA EYE mutation (common)
Weird eye color (legendary) +(rare) for heterochromia

Adopt 2; Clown $12
I just like them a lot!! Very cool!!! Very chill!!! Very Clown!!

short face fluff (common)
short muzzle (common)
small ears (common)
short tail (common)
height; 4'0-5'5 (common)
blue eyes (common)

Bansik are an Open Species, aside from gray and pink bloods!

Check out the trait sheets & group for more info! 
Red Bloods:
Orange Bloods:
Yellow Bloods:
Green Bloods:
Blue Bloods:
Purple Bloods:
Brown Bloods:
Pink Bloods:
Gray Bloods:


If you have any questions ask here:

Please read the rules!!
-No stealing lmao
-Join the group if you adopt!! :> we'd love to have  you!
-You can trade/giveaway if you decide you don't want them anymore, (Please notify me or the group about the new owner)
-Feel free to change the design once it's yours but keep them recognizable!! don't change their blood color! Unless you're changing species aaa
-Please credit me the first time you draw them, and make sure to link to the group!! <3
-Don't pay me until I give you the okay!
-Species by BlainBurns

Ask to be tagged in adopt batches if you want to be notified when I post them! <3
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C-can i have,,, g ra y bby

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Can i havw the first one toooooo

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yAH DFSJDFJDFJ that'd be $25 for both (in total aaa 10 for one and 15 for the other )

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I did it just for records