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Y'all! I got an idea!

what if we did a Christmas collob. kinda like the one :iconfixielle: did :D you can make your OC and they have to have winter close on. I will be working on a cute background, it has to be full body, light coming kinda from above.

if ya don't wanna do this, thats ok :D

won't bother me one bit :D

this is just the idea of someone that has drank to much OJ and has not really eaten much food cause she is not hungry :D 

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LittleAristicArtist Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Its due December 18 (I just remembered that is the anniversary of my first poem...I might post something involving that then)

I will be posting it maybe after Christmas cause I might not be able to get on then...

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