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Fatetale by LittleAristicArtist Fatetale by LittleAristicArtist
I decided, that being my drawing style has changed, I should redraw them...

they still have the same old story.

Future looks a bit more beat up...

and now Present and Future have cloaks cause I feel like it works better...

also the reason their pin pricks are the way they are is cause I was trying to find a color for Present's pin pricks and clicked a blue gradient I had made for some other drawing...

I loved it so much I made a purple and red version for Past and Future.

I was gonna try and draw Time and have him transparent in the background (like a ghost)

but I never gave him a design so it was not something I could do...though I might make him later...

their story has kinda changed though...

instead of when they die, they wont be forgotten, but they will come back someday (but only as another AU character, they will not have any memory of their past lives, but there is a chance they could come back to their AU, they have a choice.)4

(also, if you are wondering why Past does not have arms or sleeves, its cause they made their outfits and he forgot them...)

Old version: littlearisticartist.deviantart…

A Note.. :timeflies: Sandblob 

(AU name changed, I would like to thank a friend of mine, but they are not on this
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September 8, 2017
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