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Divine intervention
God-like and fragile, the boy Shun
gave his lips to man and woman,
whose touch he knew but couldn’t handle.
Spectral in darkness in wait,
him awake and slumbered, living yet lifeless,
nothing and other.
Brave Shun behind his white mask,
a doll’s face devoid of all but
the blankest expression, serenity of surrender.
Born of fear and martyred
this poor boy who loved and hungered
devoured by demons, karmic unseen.
:iconlittleanimeblog:littleanimeblog 1 0
Even the Smallest Things
Hidden, the forest floor bejewelled
in fallen leaves and berries,
more beautiful from the bottom
peering up, than above.
The verdant trees hang dream-like
speared in sunshine and spotlight
the trails through the tall grass
travelled by beetle-back and carriage.
A wizened owl watches while the sly cat sells its wares
in the market square where
even the smallest things take form
and dream.
:iconlittleanimeblog:littleanimeblog 1 0
There but for the roses
The poet deadheads the roses
in the warmth of the morning sun,
bidden by the thirst of flowers
and his own heart
a threatened clutch of thorns.
Between the scented petals and stonewall he stole
a glimpse and saw her, dressed in negligee
sheer on skin that sipped the moon glow
and eyes of violet requited.
So one look sustained him
until those last days, bed bound and fading.
Gifted the sight of all fae he found her
floating through the flowers. Farewell befell them,
an eastern breeze that swept him
across all England.
There but for the roses where petals swell and fall,
bloom still each season
for every tear you gave him
and for those left unspent
until the end of all days
brings him home, your poet.
:iconlittleanimeblog:littleanimeblog 3 2
Blessed he who weeps
Darkness was their first gift,
night pulled as a curtain across
the celestial temple of heaven.
Rapturous the demons dine
on frenzied blood and body.
There, where a mouth had been,
something new is spawning
with jaws that open outward
    and devour.
And him in the middle
with his rictus grin
and heart a human flutter.
Bloodshed brings bitter tears
for a fallen son ascending.
:iconlittleanimeblog:littleanimeblog 5 0
Signature in satellites
The comet crosses the panorama
soundless and lonely in the long night.
Its fluorescent contrail cuts the sky in two.
Tethered time space, this umbilical
through which the tides of all time
are ephemeral.
Where the water meets the skyline
it forms an open wound,
There I see your face
and there I know your name,
infinite and beautiful,
and for a fleeting moment mine.
:iconlittleanimeblog:littleanimeblog 20 4
Genetic synthesis
The sun god abandoned his chariot,
leaving man alone with his avarice.
And after the calamity
when man fled the atmosphere,
his shadow, a lonely formless thing,
tried to fill a shape it couldn’t hold.
Paradise domed over,
the dignity of a failed machine
half buried in scorched earth.
Wandering god, stranger in his own home,
where the prodigal son finds faith
in synthetics. Thrown out into the abyss,
captive in swaddling, new life in destruction;
second coming in a single beam
breaking through the cloud bank.
:iconlittleanimeblog:littleanimeblog 2 0
Equivalent exchange
The sketched circle
drawn at the intersection of science
and mysticism;
an alter set for cruellest nature
and laid with blasphemous intent.
The human condition, its hidden riddles,
broken into each chemical constituent.
The most complex equation made simple –
the universe is laughing.
Palms changed on the circle's surface,
a lay on of hands, disfigured evocation,
pulling a thread in time
undone in flesh and the spirit is tethered.
Blood flourish on stone,
marking mother’s ruin,
plans undone, a sibling re-written.
Sacrifice in skin, a limb given
to the great unknown
and binding the boy's broken soul
to the armour that will be his body.
:iconlittleanimeblog:littleanimeblog 10 10
Where the White Whale falls
The quickening mist breaks like waves
under the lucent light that was the moon.
A desperate exhalation,
the dying dreadnaught of the sky.
The sword that split its skin
jewelled red on metal –
an open wound still steaming
a thousand lost souls skywards.
The being broken, fractured in three,
a trinity crowned purple
and bared naked like a bruise.
From the dark its death vector
on the scent of the jealous witch,
and where the white whale falls
no one comes to weep.
:iconlittleanimeblog:littleanimeblog 1 0
Totoro's forest
As the great beast snores his belly can be seen rising
right from the entrance of his hideout
if you’re close enough.
Above, the trees breathe with him.
The forest’s heart and hands,
though he sleeps he’s on guard for any child who finds it
in the long grass.
His old friend is still here, but changed
and scared into the underground, lamplight eyes
stretched wide in fear.
He waits to go back to the forest,
but this is where the humans are.
Right now, their tasks are too far apart
to take their night trips together.
The cat instead sends sparks from the linked weaving tracks
and sees them in the tight dark. Stars
stars that Totoro will see tonight.
:iconlittleanimeblog:littleanimeblog 1 0
Islands (a free verse for Free!)
Giving way to the body’s bias,
the womb of the Earth, he slips in
with open hands.
Chest, shoulders and legs flex
against and in tune
with the predator,
the closest instinct
to submerge, surface and breathe.
Each their own island
he’s the breeze
open and stoic.
Then there’s sandy hair and an ice-cream smile
the warm rock, resolute
and rooted in the ocean without the will
the unmoved, but longing to change
through water and human touch
for beauty’s sake
all find flattering rhythms
as one pulse in relay
their blood beating on flesh and muscle
leaving the shark in a rapture of ravenous envy.
:iconlittleanimeblog:littleanimeblog 2 0
Gone fishing (poem for Tsuritama)
The wind rolls off the ocean's surface
broken into ripples by a line and lure
and the imitation fish sinks beneath the waves
suspended in animation.
Standing at the water's edge
where the surf meets the sand
and the sun blinks into twilight,
a motion in three beats - "Enoshima bowl"
and release.
:iconlittleanimeblog:littleanimeblog 0 0
Poem for Crona
A circumference in the sand
of the subconscious,
you stand;
a sanctuary sketched
against the infinite desert
where madness meets the sky.
Your trial by fire,
in black blood and lunacy
and in the darkness,
you take a bruise for penance.
The long night of the soul
beneath a grinning sickle moon,
where your flesh mother
takes a child and makes a weapon.
You wear your torturer, black and white,
upon your back,
bearing its weight and endless temperament.
It is your shield and sword
and your enabler when all others are lost.
:iconlittleanimeblog:littleanimeblog 1 0


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