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The Way I See You



Front cover for my first MLP Fancomic.

Synopsis: A new tradition is coming to Ponyville for Hearts and Hooves Day. A masquerade party, a night of romance and magic where one could find their special some-pony. But Rarity has known for a while that the one pony she truly longs to open her heart to is none other than Applejack. While she longs to confess her true feelings, Rarity fears losing one of her closest friends in the process. How far will she go to prove her love for her special some-pony?

Its a pretty corny description, but that basically sums it up. While obviously a Rarijack romance story, naturally I plan to include some fantasy adventure, comedy, and little moments/side stories following the rest of the Mane 6. Mostly I aim for sweet romantic moments between the parings, I want to make people believe in them!

The comic itself will be black and white pen drawings, because If I colored all the pages I fear I'd never finish it, however, the in between chapter images will be colored... just because.

Final Notes: I'm quite proud of this cover, i was going for dramatic, however if i'm honest it probably looks more epic than it should be. It is a romance i'm aiming for. Also you may have noticed, a large part of this picture is made up of previously drawn pictures of mine, this was deliberate and planned since the first drawing.

Chapter 1 - little-winged-angel.deviantart…
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