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Some of you probably read in one of my journals that I was trying to give at least one decent comment per day because I was (and still am) in need of finding my "deviousness" again. Why am I making another journal about this? Beause I'd like to spread this idea a little. As most of you have already noticed, comments are disappearing from the site. No, it's not a deviantART issue, it's a deviants issue. It seems like people are enjoying the new favourite feature too much and they've completely forgoten about comments. Don't get me wrong, I think that Collections is a really awesome feature, but to me, and from what I've heard around from a lot of other people, a favourite without a comment means absolutely nothing.

The problem with Favourites

A favourite nowadays has several meanings. When someone adds one of your works to their favourites it could be because:
  1. They like your work
  2. They're using their favourites as bookmarks so that they can find your deviation again when they'll need it
  3. They add random emotes to their favs in order to use them easily on dAmn
  4. They're looking for attention

How are people supposed to know why someone added a deviation to their favourites if the person doesn't even leave a comment on the deviation? They simply can't and most of the time they'll think those people are "fav wh0res" :shrug:

The current situation

Comments are almost forgotten. They started disappearing slowly and no one really noticed this at first, but now when we look at most deviations we can see that they have more favourites than actual comments. I'm not just talking about the so called "good comments", even the silly ones like "OMG this is soooooooo cool" or "awesome!" are disappearing.

A few examples of what I'm talking about can be found here:

Nuthatch by doublejaybear
Comments: 4
Favourites & Collections: 43

Comments: 48
Favourites & Collections: 137

ed and bella - color up by nami64
Comments: 359
Favourites & Collections: 3,210

Prisoner of my own by shimoda7
Comments: 3,483
Favourites & Collections: 21,708

The Idea

The idea of this "project" is to slowly bring back the comments. Basically all I ask is that we all try to make at least 1 decent comment per day. I'm not asking for much and I'm not saying that everybody has to comment on each deviation on deviantART. All I'm asking for is to make at least 1 decent comment per day on a deviation that you like, or on a deviation that you think might need to be improved.

What's a "decent comment"

A decent comment is a simple comment involving more than "ZOMG this is cool!!!!!" and explaining to the artist why you like the work and what things you'd change about it in order to improve it. I'm not expecting people to be able to give good critique on everything, but more to simply comment on the deviation explaining to the deviant what they feel and like and/or dislike about it. Flaming/insults/spam aren't considered decent comments so please avoid them ;)

Here's a few examples of decent comments:

"It's a really lovely design but there are some things that don't convince me.
Esthetically takling I think it would be better without the horizontal scroll bar on the bottom of the "Notebook" and also without the scrollbar in the part with the stamps.
While it's really cute there are also some things to fix. The tabs on the top (the ones with Gallery/Note Me/Sub Me) aren't working, at least not when I look at your journal using Firefox/
I also checked your journal with IE and it looks completely messed up in there... I know really well that IE doesn't like CSS (everytime I code a CSS journal IE gives me bad headaches), but you might think about making some fix in order to make this CSS a little more compatible with that browser too, since many people are still using it :aww:
Anyway beside this small things I really find it a lovely and original layout :nod:"

- comment on spud100 's 'The Notebook' Free CSS

"the first word that came in my mind when I saw this was "YAAAAAAAY"

Another really lovely photo of your daughter :nod:
I really love the way you captured her jumping, and I think the colours you choose for this one. It has a "sand" feeling... It makes me feel like it's finally summer again!

Awesome work :heart:"

- comment on Teeslpscreations 's HOLIDAY'S

"For being a random sketch it's really detailed and well made ;)
Great work with the proportions and the shadings. I always find it difficult to choose a good light source in my works and seeing that in such a simple sketch you managed to be that accurate with it makes me envy your talent :shakefist:

I always thought that in order to be able to draw good anime people should first be able to draw from real life, so great work :thumbsup:"

- comment on Black-Allison's Random sketch

You can find a really good tutorial on how to make Good comments here: Deviant Guide: Good Comments

The Project

It's going on fine you can check the progress here:
The Project by Little-Vampire


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