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Deviation Actions

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~ Please drop a note, write a comment on the used stock or on my frontpage if you used my stock. Do make sure you do that, otherwise I will not be able to :+fav: it and comment on the work.

~ Link back to my frontpage or to the deviation used in the comment of your work.
FAQ #81: How can I make links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?

~ If you use my stock for manipulations I do really beg you: Don't just change the colors, saturation or put a border around it. That is not a manipulation. Make some effort!
If I find any "manipulation" I think to be unsuitable I will ask you to put it down. (That does not mean I will ask manipulation beginners to put down their work, just because I don't like it. Just show me you tried hard.)

~ You may use my stock in any prints on dA, print permission is granted for everyone on this website. Still I'd like you to note me if you do so, just in case I want a copy for myself.

~ You may use my stock outside dA as long as you credit me properly. That means: link back to my deviantART profile and note me!

~ Any commercial use outside deviantART is not allowed.
Exceptions are charity basars and similar. Please note me in that case and we'll talk about it.

~ Do not use my stock photos in any pornographic or hate work. Hate work includes any:
racist, religiously discriminatory, homophobic and similar, or art directed against one person of group of persons. I hope you get the point.

~ Do not use my stock to create new stock. I know I allowed that before, but I don't do it anymore. Why? Because I like bananas...
Any stock made with my stock before today (that is 28.01.2008) may still be offered. Anything submitted after this day may definitly not

~ Do not claim any of my pictures as your own. That is submitting any picture of my gallery without any changes as a photography again. Same counts for other sites. If I find anyone submitting my stock as his I will hunt you down and eat your nose I swear it! :evil:

~ Do violate any of these rules and you will have to take down the artwork. I'm not an evil person normally, but I'll be strict about that from now on. You can still submit it again with a propercredit.

~ I may change these rules whenever, however and why ever I want to.

~ If you have any questions note me, I'll try to answer it...

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hello!! Da Vinci Fella (Artists) . . thanks to the contest from :iconstewed-tomatoes: i find out that you have a variation of interesting stock, by the way I used your stock here thank you :rose: . .