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More important stuff like the New Dawn Contest and the stock critique event: Further down: LOOK!


At last it's all done... well I still have to do my oral exam, but I don't think that's going to be too hard.
Math really was easy, never expected it to be though. German was okay, English was really good except for the translation...shouldn't have chosen it.
And politics had a f**** topic but my teacher hinted that he liked my work, so I'm hoping for the best.

Also I was told today, that I will have a volleyball match tomorrow (early eh?), so I won't be able to participate in the Stock Critique Event.
Nevertheless people, get your asses over there and join in. I'm sure it's going to be just awsome!

D A I L Y   D E V I A T I O N

Aaaaand I got another DD, for my first wallpaper ever (A Beautiful Day Wallpaper Pack). Seriously I never expected that, which makes me even more happy.
Some people asked me, why the hell I submitted it, as this is a stock account. Well as I share it with you people I regard this as stock for some kind. of course you may not use it for manipulations, but nevertheless it is something made for you. My oppinion.
I also want to thank kuschelirmel again for suggesting it:

I was kinda late to read everything these amazing guys chatted, but what I heard sounded just great. So check out ManipulatedReality for a log of the event. It surely will be worth to read :)

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Cat-in-the-Stock's avatar
I've always wanted to play volleyball :noes:
little-stock's avatar
Start. doin. Nao!
Cat-in-the-Stock's avatar
:lol: Playing volleyball alone in a bedroom might prove difficult AND dangerous ;p
little-stock's avatar
Hmmm you might think so :D But seriously, if you get the chance to play: do it :)
CSnyder's avatar
hey congrats on the daily deviation!!!!
it was well deserved
enjoy your weekend!!
little-stock's avatar
Thanks a lot and do the same (amazign weather here :#1:)
CSnyder's avatar
weather is wonderful here tooo.....and you are very welcome!!!
EatMyDreams's avatar
Hi, I didnt know If I had to let you know too about my entry but here it is anyway [link]

And I hope you did well in Math. :D
little-stock's avatar
Thanks, I'll add it to the list :)
MoOnshine90's avatar
Viel Glück für deine kommenden Examen! :hug:
kuschelirmel's avatar
thanks for the pimpage!

und ich drück dir alle pfoten fürs abi! :blowkiss:
little-stock's avatar
Geaenie's avatar
Good luck Hun and grats on the other test score. You should be proud :hug:
little-stock's avatar
Geaenie's avatar
My pleasure Hun. I hope you have some plans to relax after all this hard work. :hug:
little-stock's avatar
I really do :eyes: Two friends of mine and myself want to go skiing right after we finished our exams :) Really looking forward to that ;)
Geaenie's avatar
Wow. Sounds like fun. I hope the plans work out and you guys get to go.
little-stock's avatar
We did, and it was fun ;)
Ashayaa's avatar
Oha Abi. Hab mich da vor nem Jahr auch damit rumschlagen müssen aber is wenigstens alles schnell vorbei und meist gehts ja gut. Drücke dir auf alle fälle die daumen! :)
little-stock's avatar
Ich wünschte ich hätts einfach nach 4 Tagen rum, das Wochenende dazwischen ist etwas blöd *G*
Danke dir :)
Iardacil's avatar
congrats on TOEFL... that is amazing result.. and good luck with the exam
little-stock's avatar
Thank you honey! :glomp:
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