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Don't hurry me, I will not only be working on your commission as well as I will be working on other people's commissions nwn

fill out the form don't be afraid =w=

Please only send flat color reference ;W;

if you want private commission send me a note

if you want to know how your commission is going
in the list of commissions will notify the status of your commission! n.n

when your commission is in process I will send you a note with a sketch of your commission! n.n

I accept only up to 3 sketches change Mio (Pointing) [V2] 
:DarkRed-orb: what I can not draw :DarkRed-orb: 

x gore



Green-orbwhat I can drawGreen-orb

Ok Lime tick fetishes

Ok Lime tick NSFW
Green-orb prices Green-orb 

(color sketch)

Ok Lime tick Headshot: Points200  (extra character: +Points 200)

Ok Lime tick half body :Points250  (extra character: +Points250 )

Ok Lime tick Full body: Points300  (extra character: +Points300 )

Ok Lime tick reference: Points 350

new ponysona by little-sketchescomm:Ash Kelvin color sketch by little-sketchesayaka color sketch by little-sketchescomm: Kitsume Butterfly by little-sketches
Green-orb prices Green-orb 

(flat color)

Ok Lime tick Headshot: Points300  (extra character: +Points300 )

Ok Lime tick half body : Points350  (extra character: +Points350 )

Ok Lime tick Full body: Points500  (extra character: +Points500 )

Ok Lime tick reference: Points 550 
Ych : rainbowdreams23 by little-sketchescomm: dakimakura by little-sketches
YCH: rainbowdreams23 by little-sketches
Green-orb prices Green-orb 

(full shade)

Ok Lime tick Headshot: Points500  (extra character: +Points500 )

Ok Lime tick half body : Points700  (extra character: +Points700 )

 Full body: Points 1500(extra character:Points  1500)


shining armor by little-sketchespinkie pie nwn by little-sketchessunburst by little-sketchescomm: Drax by little-sketches



Green-orb prices Green-orb 

(color sketch+background)

Ok Lime tick Headshot: Points600  (extra character: +Points600 )

Ok Lime tick half body : Points750  (extra character: +Points 750)

 Full body:Points2000 (extra character: +Points 2000)

depends on the difficulty of the backgroundNeko Atsume tubbs plz 
ayaka color sketch 2 by little-sketches
color sketch 4 by little-sketchesayaka color sketch 3 by little-sketches
Green-orb prices Green-orb 

(full shade+background)

Ok Lime tick Headshot: Points 700 (extra character: Points700 )

Ok Lime tick half body : Points 800 (extra character: +Points800 )

 Full body: Points2500 (extra character: Points2500 )

depends on the difficulty of the backgroundNeko Atsume tubbs plz 

comm: Breu by little-sketchescomm: Skychase by little-sketches
Name :

reference :

gender :

expression :

pose :

details :

Cutie mark PNG:

commission type:

accept the conditions of the rule : ( yes / no )

Created by KathleenMitch
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riukime's avatar
I would like to be notified when you are open please ❤
TresMariasArts's avatar
Pls notify me when your open again❤
madelnheaven's avatar
Darnit, ¿Podría saber cuando abran, porfis? Si podés obvio, enserio mejoraste un montón en tu estilo bella, ¡Seguí así!
occultusion's avatar
would you be able to notify me when these are open? your style is so lovely i would love to get some art from you <3
little-sketches's avatar
No problem! I will gladly notify you when I open my commissions!! nwn
thetinean's avatar
Más arte cuando estés lista x3
little-sketches's avatar
yuyusunshine's avatar
aah I missed these :’0
will you be opening them back anytime soon?
little-sketches's avatar
you haven't missed anything don't worry nwn
I've only created a price list in points nwn
When I open the commissions I will notify you! :3
yuyusunshine's avatar
aah I see, and thank you! that would be lovely~
I'm interested tooooo!
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