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Fake bokeh effect tutorial

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My first tutorial - How to create a fake bokeh effect. When I found out what bokeh is, I loved it but unfortunately I couldn't create it with my camera. So I was experimenting and I discovered this way and decided to share it with you. I hope it'll be helpful. My camera is Sony Cyber shot DSC t2. The only thing that is important is that your camera has macro option. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. And I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes.
Full view it of course.
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AWESOME tutorial indeed...:clap:
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wow, ive been wondering how to take bokeh without high-end camera...this was really useful, im gonna try it later...

thank you for sharing XD
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hehe no problem. glad you find it useful! :D
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Oh, thanks so much!
I love bokeh effect too, but my camera is an old digi cam that just can't do it, haha.
I'll try this though. Thanks a bunch~.
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you are very welcome, glad i could help. ^^
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Oh cool! :omfg:
I should try it! :)
(When it's gonna be christmas I guess or somewhere when I'll have free time ; ))
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very useful, thank you!
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you're welcome! ^^
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its cool how you can find something to stimulate the real effect :D i love this (:
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yeah i know.
awesome for the people who dont own a professional camera that has bokeh effect option.
and thank you! :]
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its not a fake bokeh. oO
that is a real bokeh. XD
does it gave a fake bokeh? oO" wtf xD
but yah nice, i make my bokeh shots like this. :]
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my camera cant make bokeh any other way so i found out my own way. teehee. :] maybe thats how you create bokeh textures, but i cant create bokeh behind some object. :(
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This is very interesting and helpful info :clap:
I had no clue what Bokeh Effect was even though I have been using it all the time....Thank U for sharing:boogie:
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You are welcome. :] I'm glad you find it useful.
Me2Smart4U's avatar
I really do =D....I am about to post something up that uses that I know what to write in the description... :boogie:
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^ Listen to her. :D
I didn't knew about this. xD THANKIES!!
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Hehe maybe I will. You're welcome. Now go and make fake bokeh things. NAAAAO.
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Make bokeh stock images. :P
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Maybe I will but the problem is that the quality sucks and they have to be small to look good. But anywys, I'll see. :]
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Crud. D:
Avatar textures?
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you're so smart. thats a great idea, thank youuu. :iconnewhugplz:
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I know. :iconimhappyplz:

No problem. :iconflowerdanceplz:
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