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Hey guys,

So even though shit has been going down lately I'm still kicking ass in taking names (at least when it comes to work). The longcat, tacgnol, and firefox scarves are up for sale on etsy and on my personal site. They're a good idea for a unique christmas gift and if you want a custom one just let me know. All of them are within the 20-30 range so it's not a bank breaker and as long as you order a week before christmas I can get them there on time. If you order on my site it's free shipping within the United States if you order through etsy it's $5 to ship anywhere. I decided not to put pictures of the scarves up on deviant art since i've already had problems with people stealing my idea and sales. Honestly deviant art people it's getting ridiculous.

On the other side of things i'm working out the kinks in some new items including finals demon plushies maybe even with a mini comic of their own. I have two books in the works. One will be out in march the other will probably just have teaser material popping up around the same time. Prices and teaser material for the first book will be popping up all over the holidays.

I'm working on putting together a new website and hopefully an art show specifically for Atlanta comic artists. I'm looking at locations right now but if anyone wants to join in let me know and we'll make a kickass group show. If we find a willing location for december it's on with whatever ink work you have if not I'm aiming for march.

Keep Groovin on and spread the word of D.I.Y. comics and creations

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ok so i've got a couple of days left till awa. i'm sewing up a ton of scarves and new merch but i don't know which direction to go with all this.

what do people want?

more donuts?
more posters?
more kitties?
more cute things?
more spooky things?
more I Feel Twitchy and Ex books?

gah i'm lost and getting worried cause i need to sell things.
if anyone has any ideas let me know cause my brain has died
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I know this really doesn't sound like me but with the job market the way it is I am trying to find some commissions to help me and my family out until I can find a better job. If you would like any work from me or know anyone who would please message me and we'll discuss work/prices
I can and will do just about anything art related from portraits to reconstructing clothing so please help me out and spread the word.

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