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Yo, the name's Panda, and I'm an introvert.

...Yep, that pretty much covers it.

Cheers for stopping by! c:


The Babs!


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evelyn: benny, do you know what today is?

benedict: uhh... a tuesday?

evelyn: it’s thursday for a start but no, not what i was thinking.

benedict: february?

evelyn: february the...?

benedict: 9th?

evelyn: the 14th! meaning?

benedict: meaning... that i forgot to attend oscar’s ptsa meeting last night! oh SMEG *rushes away*

evelyn: men =_=
*secret trucks ptsa meeting*

truck 1: okay do you know why i gathered you all here today

truck 2: no

truck 3: uh we’re getting free food?

truck 1: i brought you all here so we can discuss the serious threat which has been threatening our kind. i have prepared a slideshow for your viewing if you’ll indulge me *whips out a projector*

truck 4: aw hell no

truck 1: *whips up a slide with oscar on it, his face censored* here we see subject a. he is called oscar, previously known as osborne the o2, was constructed in 1891 and moved here from the isle of wight in 1957. he’s obsessed with munitions and loves blowing stuff up, including trucks - several of whom have become casualities over the years. he must be stopped! any suggestions?

truck 6: how about we derail him

truck 7: no bc that’s a crap idea

truck 5: can we go home yet

truck 1: SMH 
scoot: let’s all have a disco, na na na na 

lawrence: you’re such a hooligan why did you even bring us here

scoot: i wanted a diesel party na na na na

fallacy: then why didn’t you invite pudge

scoot: bc this party ain’t for WIMPS

pudge: :ohnoes:
sebastian: aight edwyn you’re gonna be pulling a special today, elwyn you’re on passenger duty on your branch as per usual

edwyn: you’re-

elwyn: -separating-

edwyn: -us?


sebastian: oh ffs guys we go through this every single week


sebastian: ugh fine, you can work together- i’ll get julian to pull the special

twins: B-)

sebastian: =_=

oscar: nah, not really, it was the trucks’ fault

sebastian: julian said you got into an argument with them and threatened to blow them up

oscar: that exchange may have occurred

sebastian: ffs oscar


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Little-Pandemonium Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2019  Student Writer
Little-Pandemonium Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2019  Student Writer
Little-Pandemonium Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2019  Student Writer
Little-Pandemonium Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2019  Student Writer
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