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The Beginning by little-owlette The Beginning by little-owlette
For :iconfelvargs:

Prompt (The Beginning -or- Internal Instinct): The Beginning
Prompt #: 1
Additional Extras+15 for short story including at least 500 words OR an additional image of colored fullbody sketch quality or higher. - Per image
(STANDALONE BONUS) +5 for depicting a single Felvarg in each image. (Not counting Felvargs added to complete a prompt!) - Per image


"Be a good pup while I'm gone," Eurydice warned, her brows lowering firmly over her pale eyes.  Beveren had been growing more and more adventurous by the day, and it would not be the first time she'd returned from a fishing trip to find him out exploring the area around the den.  Beveren grinned up at his mother, looking for all the world like the most innocent pup that had ever lived.  And truly, he did want to be good for his mother.  It was just that the outside world was so big and full of limitless possibilities... it was too much temptation for a young one like Bev.

"I'll be good, mama," his little voice promised, but already he was planning his escape.  Eurydice was not at all convinced by his words, but they were in need of food, and it was time for her to go on a little fishing venture.  She had little choice but to leave him until he was old enough to come with her.  For now he would only get in the way and risk getting hurt.  With a sigh, the chocolate female rose from her sitting position and stepped out into the daylight.  She turned back to peer into the darkness of the den, giving one final last attempt at keeping her unruly pup in check.  "Be good," she repeated, and with that she was gone.

Beveren waited several minutes after she had left before making his bold escape.  He didn't want her returning unexpectedly and catching him in the act.  The minutes that passed seemed like an eternity for the youngster, and finally he could wait no longer.

The young beige pup bounded out from the den, rocketing full speed and without even a moment's hesitation.  He was off on an adventure, the world was his playground!  He crossed the little clearing in front of the den, and pushed further into the forest surrounding it.  Here it was much darker and a little frightening, so Bev kept up his quick pace until he came to another clearing.  This time the forest opened up to reveal a rocky shore leading up to a calm, clear river.  Immediately, Bev's tail went up and his little floppy ears flicked into their upright position for a moment.  Now this was something interesting!

Beveren approached the river slowly, with his nose to the ground, sniffing over all of the unusual smells that could be found on the stony shore.  Finally he reached the water and tested it carefully with one paw.  Cold, very cold!  Beveren stared down into the calm, greenish water from the safety of a large rock.  Suddenly, a loud croaking sound snapped Bev to attention.  He looked around, trying to discover what had made such a sound.  Again the croaking sound caught his ear, and his blue eyes narrowed in on a small green lump sitting on one of the rocks.  

He knew what the green lump was as soon as he saw it.  Food!  This was exactly the sort of thing mum would bring home for him to eat!  His belly rumbled at the idea, and suddenly he knew exactly what he was going to do.  He was going to catch that food and bring it home, to show mum just how grown up he could be.  

Bev crouched down, narrowing his eyes at the frog.  He wiggled his hind end, preparing to spring.  Then, finally, bang!  He jumped for the frog, and almost simultaneously the frog jumped away as well.  For a moment Beveren thought he had the frog caught -- his outstretched paws nearly brushed against the slimy skin of the amphibian.  But the frog was much faster and more adept than a clumsy pup like Bev.  Instead, Bev went crashing into the water empty-handed, while the frog leaped to safety.

Beveren climbed out of the river, soaking wet and shivering with cold.  Alright, perhaps he wasn't quite ready for a challenge like this.  Bev shook himself free of water, and scurried back toward the den.  
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