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A guiding instinct by little-owlette A guiding instinct by little-owlette
For :iconfelvargs:

Prompt (The Beginning -or- Internal Instinct): Internal Instinct
Prompt #: 1
Additional Extras+15 for short story including at least 500 words OR an additional image of colored fullbody sketch quality or higher. - Per image
(STANDALONE BONUS) +5 for depicting a single Felvarg in each image. (Not counting Felvargs added to complete a prompt!) - Per image


Darkness had fallen over the forest, and Beveren was still wide awake.  It was during the night when he felt most sure of himself and his place in the world.  He wasn't necessarily a nocturnal creature, but he certainly wasn't often found sleeping the nights away, either.  

Large paws pressed into the earth, carrying the massive wolf creature between trees and over obstacles easily.  A mist had begun to roll in, obscuring his vision.  He didn't mind.  Nights like these, he preferred to rely on his other senses to guide him.  He would roam all night, lead only by the guidance of his nose and ears.  

By midnight, Beveren had begun to pick up on a high-pitched squeaking sound.  He recognized the sound from somewhere, but he couldn't quite identify what it was or where it was coming from.  As he walked, his head hanging low to the ground as he followed his nose, the noise grew steadily louder.  His small ears shifted, focusing on the odd squeaks, and for a moment he paused.  One paw was left suspended in the air as he stood frozen, straining to listen to the strange sound in the night.  When the squeaks did not cease after a few moments, he decided to investigate.

Slowly, the large beast crept through the dark forest, swinging his head slowly side to side as he scanned the misty forest floor around him.  But it was his ears which lead him most of all, and he trailed after the squeaking sound for some time before finally discovering its origin.

There, shivering in the cold autumn mist, sat a young pup.  It had its eyes closed, and it was making a pitiful squeaky sort of sound.  Beveren approached it carefully, glancing warily side to side as if expecting this to be a trap of some sort.  But it was no trap.  His large nose nudged against the pup, and immediately the young one gasped and tumbled backward, opening her eyes to reveal that they were bright yellow.  Beveren, feeling sorry to have frightened the little one so badly, quickly ran his tongue over the pup's soft fur.  His eyes softened as he lifted his head and gazed down at the small lump of fluff.

"Are you lost?" He asked, his voice deep and gruff.  The young one blinked up at him uncertainly, clearly frightened of him but desperate for some sort of guidance.  "L-lost," the little one squeaked.  Bev nodded and sighed, setting back on his haunches.  He couldn't just leave this young one here, with all sorts of predators roaming the night.  It seemed he had found a job for the night.

No more questions were asked.  Beveren was a man of few words, and he had gathered all of the information he cared to find out.  He slid down into a laying position, giving his tail a friendly wag.  For a moment the pup remained where she was, shivering in the cold.  Then, slowly, she got up and moved carefully over to Bev's side.  She curled up beside him, tucking her nose into her paws and closing her eyes.

Beveren sighed, laying his head protectively over the young one.  In the morning he would search for the pup's family.  But for now, he would protect her from the terrors of the dark night.
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