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Worldview- Lore Gods


Aahhh I finally done!

Our first set of Gods and Goddesses were Mother Earth and her sisters Sea and Sky, 3 Goddesses set VERY clearly in the physical plane.

By contrast, Father son and his brothers Moon and Stars are a little more complicated.I had a hard time grounding these three as their ideas are a little more abstract, even though their physical appearance, at least to mortals, is something they can visibly conceptualize.

Father Sun’s existence takes the form or is influenced by the sun, but his real ability or domain I suppose is real-world thinking. Or, small picture thinking, reality, that sort of thing. The here and now.
Moon is interpersonal thoughts or desire, or even self reflective thinking.
And finally, Stars is more representative of really big picture thoughts or expanded ideas.

These three are sort of the bridge between the physical and meta physical plane of this particular universe, so while their appearance and figures had to be something related to a common visual, what they actually stand for and encourage had to be more than that. 

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