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Q: Where do you come from ? 

A: Canada ! More precisely from Quebec !

Q: What do you speak ?

A: My main language is French, and obviously I learned (and still learn) English.

Q: How long have you been drawing ? What material/Art program do you use ?

A: Since forever. I’ve never really stopped since the age I managed to hold a pen. I also use a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and Paint Tool Sai for most of my work. But I do like to work on traditional paper as well now and then.

Q: Can we be friend?

A: Yes. No. Maybe ? I cannot tell… it takes time for me to bond with someone, especially since people mostly befriended me for my art in the past. It doesn’t mean I cannot befriend someone however, and I’m honestly not someone who will bite you. Just be considerate and patient and MAYBE friendship would bloom. Who knows.

Q: When do you stream ? 

A: Sometimes. I can’t really tell because it depend of my mood, my health and my internet since it’s really unstable where I live.

Q: Can I rp with you ? 

A: No. As much as I would love to, my energy is limited and I’m REALLY selective. Rp is an activity I do with my close friends only.


Q: How did you came out with Paper Crane ? 

A:  Long story short, that character came from a psychological theory that my teacher back in high school spoke to me about. He always wondered what would happen if you flip someone’s reality’s perception upside down when they’re kids. Like teaching them that a crayon is a table, and then release him into the real world.

I wanted a character with a blank slate. A character easily malleable that could learn fast and have his perception of reality altered.

Q: Who is Paper Crane ? 

A: Paper Crane is an amalgamation of dead Sanses from different timelines and universe and drain magic to survive. For more information you can go over here.

Q: When is Paper Crane birthday ?

A: June 29th

Q: Is he part of UnderDecay ?

A: No, Paper Crane is an independant character and is an ‘Out Code’ AKA he doesn’t have a universe of his own so I don’t see the point in giving him an AU name.

Q: Is Paper Crane a Sans ?

A: No. He might be made of Sanses, but he is his own independent character.

Q: When will you update his comic ?

A: Since it a stand alone project I’m doing during my free time there’s no schedule. But I try to make at least one page every 2 weeks.

Q: Can I translate your comic ?

A: Ask me first. I would prefer that you come to me first hand if you ever intend to translate the pages since I want to make sure that you follow my standard rules and keep this comic on tumblr only. I do not feel comfortable to let it go free on any kind of platform…. I do not want you to work on a translation that as already been done as well.

Q: Can we ask question to him ?

A: Of course ! He got his own ask blog over here @papercranesnas.


Q: What’s UnderDecay ?

A: Dear follower, I have this lovely folder called UnderDecay that will provide you all the answers that you need that are canon. If you still got question, I’m always free to reply to them through comments.

Q: Can I rp Decans, the UnderDecay cast, or Paper Crane ?

A: No. Maybe in the future, but I’m honestly NOT comfortable at the idea of people misinterpreting my characters. I would like you to respect my decision as those characters are precious to me.

Q: When is Decans/UnderDecay’s birthday ?

A: April 3th

Q: Is there a comic or a story that I can read ? 

A: Not yet. I still need to finish my current one first.

Q: Can we ask question to the characters ?

A: Of course ! For now it’s only with Decans here but once the project start you might get the chance to interact to other’s !


Q: Can I draw you characters ?

A: Yes! Don’t be shy, I’m always ready to encourage artist of any age or talent to show what they can do ! Just don’t forget to submit it to me since it gets really hard to keep track of every single tagging I got in one day.

Q: Can we make merch of your character ?

A: Yes! I don’t mind even a bit, it would be appreciated however that since you make profit out of my character that you at least pledge a minimum of 1$ on my Patreon.

Q: Can I make a Fanchild of your character ?

A: Sure ! I see no harm with that. Don’t forget that those wouldn’t be considered canon however !


Q: Could you draw  [Insert Character name here] ?

A: I don’t take request. I’m sorry, but I can’t. As much as I would love to draw everything  that you guys propose to me. I can’t. Especially since I have to think about my health first.

Q: I really love your character and I would love to rp them !!! Can I ?

A: No. As much as it sound like a bummer, there is still lots of information that I haven’t release about my characters and I don’t want people to spread misinformation about them. I saw this happen way to often.

Q: I have submitted you something and you haven’t responded to it yet… Are you ignoring me ? 

A: No. I take my time to reblog art because I often write comment to show how much I appreciate your work. Just a little patience, it will be reblogged.

Q: Can we use your art ?

A: No. If you really want to use my art example on a youtube video, then please PM me.

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Go FUCK yourself ! I'll fight every single pictures that has been stolen from me. You bunch of disgusting self righteous pigs ! Making money on artists backs is absolutely outrageous, you do not own that fucking art you stole in the first place! YOU DO NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION TO TAKE MY ART. AND IF YOU SUPPORT NFTS THIS ISN'T THE PLACE FOR YOU.
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What happened to big noko?

big noko ?

Edit: OH PFFFF. I'm just smol... XD

Ye, if there's a little Noko there must be a big noko


this might be random but i wanted to say i really love your guys comic

Worldview - Finch and Fondu !

i enjoy every new page and the characters are so lovely!

thank you ! I cannot wait to share more !!!

I have this idea from this glitch pokemon called 'v, it straight up makes me think of Spanish moss when I see it's sprite AND moveset.

hello, i am making an original pokedex fic (basically i expand the entries from a few sentences to a few paragraphs) and i would really like to use your fakemon. is that ok? i would credit you