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Vane Ref - 2012 by Little-leopard Vane Ref - 2012 by Little-leopard
Name: Vane
Age: 2.4
Hight: 150cm (Not normal for a female snow leopard)
Family: Mother N/A, father N/A. Sibalings: N/A
Mate: Themba


This is a quick Summery of her life

Vane is a snow leopard who was born in the Sacred Himalayes. She got lost one day wondering away from her mother and was picked up by some humans who sold her to a travailing circus. They mark there animals with earings, hence why she has earings.
She escaped from the Circus and ended up in arfica where she met Themba. Themba being a a young cub hid her from his pride and daily brought her food. She grew along side Themba until he was ready to introduce her into his pride as his mate.


Leopards curl there tail when they are not hunting. I don't really like the paws. Also shes going down hill thats why she looks bulky at the front and why she is slanted. Apart from that I'm please with my self. Think of it as a Picasso lol.

Its pencil because i was to lazy to do digital art.
Sorry about the spelling.
Don't comment if you don't like it
Vane + Themab + Story (c) me
MillieBee Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The paws look fine to me, and I love her fluffy tail. :D
Little-leopard Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Good I was worrying about it
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January 26, 2012
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