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Mother fox by Little-leopard Mother fox by Little-leopard
Hearing the dogs behind, she took off across the dull, solid grey river. There was a yelp from behind as one of the dogs was caught by the metal monsters that travelled the grey river. However, one last demon remained. Reaching the forest on the other side, she dove head first into the bracken. Finding an old badger set on the other side she descended into the dark. The demon Beagle sniffed the edges of the set, confused by the mixtures of smells. He circled the entrance.

'FOX! I'LL FIND YOU ONE DAY!' The dog cried before running away.

The vixen listened as the devil's barks became harder to hear. Her tod kit whimpered and nuzzled her soft fur for food.

'Its all right my little one. Its all right,' she whispered, mourning the death of her mate.
Tod - Male fox
Vixen - Female fox

Characters (c) to MEEE :iconlittle-leopard:

sorry if its a little long. Its even longer on paper. A snip-it from my book. Feel free to make up a lullaby for my fox family.

Don't comment if you don't like it.
MillieBee Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Very sweet drawing. :aww: Very sad writing though! I'll have a scan through and send you my editing right away! ;)
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November 9, 2011
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