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Kes did not answer. Perhaps she could not. She looked down at the sand beneath her feet, her breath catching. Tears fell at last, flashing in the sun and rolling in the sand, fire opals and carnelians. Lord of the Changing Winds – The Griffin mage: book one – Rachel Neumeier

"Athena if you keep going out at night I am going to have to start locking the door!" Hora snapped at the young princes. Athena stared back at him with hard cold Griffin like eyes. She didn't care. She'd find a way out. Two years after the attack they were still hiding as humans and now living in a half derelict house on the side of the river Nile. Dusk sat with her back to them eating some stolen bread. They had been living as thieves. Stealing what they could just to survive. Athena and Dusk felt bad about this. Yet Hora seemed fine with it and Cadr well he just didn't care. Hora looked out the window. His heart sunk when he thought of there old family. All of them had been suffering with this loss, Athena the most with the loss of her sister Mau. She was convinced she was dead though her body was never found.
 "Athena are you even listening to me!" Hora snapped he narrowed his eyes into a venomous stair. Dusk turned her head to listen. Cadr looked up. Athena pushed passed him and slammed the door onto her square small room. The door creaked and half fell off now handing off. She sat down on her stone bed. It was very obvious that the people that once lived there were poor. The houses around it were beyond disrepair. Dusk had said it must have been an old workers camp. The others had agreed.
 Athena wrapped her self up in the old animal skins and shut her eyes. A tear fell from the corner of her eye.
 "Hora try not to be so hard on the girl!" Cadr told him. Hora looked at him. Red eyes seeming to stair right threw his skin.
 "If we are to raise a new Griffin Queen the discipline is needed." He replied. Cadr shook his head.
 "She is still in morning. Her whole family killed she is going to misbehave. And she is still a fledgling at the age of thirty- eight," Cadr whispered to him. Hora gravely nodded he knew Cadr was right.
 "We are all morning still. Two years have past. The shock gave way to pain. Yet the pain hasn't settled" Hora told Cadr.
Dusk walked into Athenas room. She sat down beside the young princes, putting a hand on her arm. Athena pulled away. The feathers in Dusk hair rose with surprise. Athena picked at a hole in the wall.
 "Athena…. Listen we'll go out to night. You and I. You can show me where you have been going," Dusk whispered to her in her ear. She had found it frustrating with the lack of mind communication. She often wondered how Humans kept secretes. Athena sat up. Happiness carved into her face. She nodded.  
 Just as the sun went down Athena and Dusk managed to sneek passed Hora and Cadr. It was touch and go as Cadr is such a light sleeper and his room has the only way out the house. He twitched his hand and rolled over. Dusk had froze in fear. They weighted for a few minuets before heading out the door into the cold night. It was fresh. The skies where clear. Full of thousands of tiny shiny beads. Stars. Dusk gasped in amazement.
 "The sky it looks so beautiful tonight!" She cried.
Athena smiled and nodded. She signalled For dusk to follow her. Dusk hurried after her. They followed the river down to the city which was a mile away. It was grand and large. Athena felt truly free in the night. The sand caressed her toes. The river was peaceful. She was taking Dusk to the Pharaoh palace.
The third Book. Its a small book XD. Please again excuse the spelling

Chapter four [link]

Chapter one [link]
MillieBee Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool, looking forward to meeting the Pharoah after you mentioned him on MSN. :)
ConnallRobotnik8 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2011  Student General Artist
:icontimonplz::iconsaysplz:Very nice.
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