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Baseta turned to her wolf brother Rio. "What do you want" She growled her hackles Standing on end.
"I've been tracking you for days Crystal or in this form Baseta and now you just ask what i want! No hello. Well.... aren't you rude" He growled Slinking around her. Baseta dug her claws into the halls wooden floor....
- Spoiler for thoughs that are watching me :)

"Athena look at all this stuff!" Dusk cried looking around the halls. "The person that lives here must be ritch."
    "Dusk the person that lives here is the Pharaoh" Athena told Dusk. Dusks jaw droped in shock. Her friend had been sneeking into the pharaohs palace every night.
    "Athena!! You've been Sneeking in and having a look around. If you get caught you'll be killed!!" Dusk hissed. Her friend just turned and smiled.
    "I wait till they find out i've been stealing food!" Athena reptiled. Dusk stoped and just staired at her friend so shocked she couldn't reply. With Athena having her hair in her face dusk thought she looked very synister. What she thought was worse as not only would they be killed but the Pharaohs men would find Hora and Cadr and kill them to. The last of the griffins would be dead. Dusk looked around the tall hall. Pillers dotted about tall and mighty in strength. Pictures of working men and Egyption gods painted on the walls. Gold laying over statues giving them a royal look.  One inparticular stood out.
    "This one is the Pharaoh. Its ment to show him god like"  Athena Explained touching it "I don't think it dose. Egyptions and their strange fath."
    "Its just their ways...." Dusk mummbled feeling exited yet scared "But... this place is amazing!". Athena Turned and smiled at her friend. Eyes full of fire.
    "You havn't seen any thing yet!" Athena told her friend. Dusk raised an Eye brow intreeged . Athena Started to wall down the corridoors. Anafrade of getting caught were as Dusk stuck to the shadows sneeking around corners being very quiet. They got to another hall. It had a large table packed with food. Athenas mouth droped open in shock. She'd never see so much food varity. There was cammle, Hipo, crocadile, Bred, peaches and figs as well as other foods she'd never heard of.

Athena steped forward and took a hunk of Camle. All they had been living off of was scraps of goat. It wasn't apatising or even remotly tasty. Goat didn't seem to be on the pharaohs table. Dusk couldn't blame her. She couldn't work out how Athena had found this place. She had been stealing food for many suns but athena thought that was from the streat not the pharaoh. It made Dusk very consernd about her friend. She knew she was still in morning but to acwaly crack into insanity! Dusk shook her head took a fig and hid in the shadows to eat it. She watched Athena pick away at the food. Dusk took a bite then heard voices. Athena look up and around. Threw the doors marched gards.
    They couldn't see Dusk. They grabed Athena. Athena strugled to get away but they held their blades to her neck. She hissed like a Griffin. By the gards dress up Dusk geussed they belonged to the pharaoh. "maji..." She whispered to her self. Gardians of the Pharaoh. To bring Maji into the matter ment that Athenaa was indeed in very much danger. How stupid must she have been. Athena must have been coming her for many months. And Why? After they left Dusk stood smelling the air feeling very upset by this ordeal. She huged her arms and wept. A sent caught her attention. Mau!
   DUsk got free of the palace and ran in the direction of home "I must tell the others!" She cried out loud to herself.
Next Chapter with a Tasty Spoiler :) sorry again about spelling :(

Chapter one: [link]
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Cool chapter! :D
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