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Kes woke as the first stars came out above the desert, harder and higher and brighter than they had ever seemed at home Lord of the Changing Winds – The Griffin mage: book one – Rachel Neumeier

Hungry the group of Griffins continued to push further out into the desert. Griffins live off of a diet of Jackal, fish, Camels and cattle owned by people (though this was rare). They often flew for miles to find food. The small band Griffins had decided to cross the desert to find others of their kind to join or even find a new territory to take control of. Hora looked at the young Griffins. They at this time were the size of a small horse. He was worried about them. Looking over to Cadr, an abnormally large white Griffin, he let out a small click with his beak to attract his attention. Cadr looked over to his friend. Cadr was abnormally large. Clearly large. He was bullied all his life by other Griffins. Even in adult hood till Hora appeared and became his friend. He was grateful to Hora for that.
Yes Hora? Cadr asked still walking with Dusk by his side.
we must find food and soon. Only we have know idea where we are and I don't think the fledglings are strong enough to fly… Hora replied looking at Athena who had once again stopped to take a breather. He knew she was still morning her sisters death. Mau, Athena's oldest sister, was not found after the attack of the pure fire Griffins. Hora walked back to her and sat down.
Its alright. Cadr and I will find food. Hora simply said with not much emotion behind him. Athena nodded.
you and Dusk stick together. We'll come back before the sun goes down. Cadr told the young Griffin girls as he shoved Dusk over to Athena with his beak. They watched as the gold and white Griffin flew into the sky. They sat in the shadow of a sand dune almost invisible.
 It was Cadr that saw the group of feral dromedary camels standing by the side of the Nile. He nodded to Hora. They were invisible to the naked eye as they flew in the light of the sun. Their pray was helpless. Hora split the heard up as Cadr, with his shear size, took one down. Cadr placed his huge talons on the Camel. Hora joined him.
We'll eat some now and take the rest back. Even with the both of us we'll never carry it back Hora told him. Cadr nodded. They tucked into the camel hungry as ever. They flew off with the remains. Athena and Dusk raced to the carcass and ate. They left nothing. Once refuelled, they carried on walking. Flying would take up to much energy.  

 A day past and they saw something in the sands. Foot prints. Not Griffin foot prints and not foot prints of pray. Hora recognised them. He stopped the others and turned to them. Cadr could see the concern on his face.
What is it Hora? Cadr asked eye glittered with concern.
Humans are near by. Hora replied.
He looked at Dusk and Athena.
Humans! But they never come this far into the desert! Athena cried. Every Griffin of every age has heard of humans. The Griffin Scholars had drawn humans into red rock with fire to show other Griffins what dangers they must protect them selves against. Griffins had all but vanished form the human world. Or at lest tried to. The Greeks rote about Griffins in they stories to try and keep the memory of them alive. They annoyed the Griffin Kings and Queens greatly.
Hora Perhaps we should disguise or selves as Humans. It would protect our selves against them as we cross there lands? Cadr asked.
No! As Queen I say we will not walk as these strange animals! Athena snapped eyes blazing. The sand under her talons and claws were burning.
Athena you are not Queen yet. I say we will disguise our selves. It will protect us Hora replied. He stood over Athena. Athena looked away cross. She was disgusted at the very idea of becoming Human. Dusk on the other hand thought it was a good idea.
 Hora realised that Athena and Dusk didn't know how to disguise themselves as another animal. This was a gift that only Griffins had though they only used it when needed which was hardly ever. Hora had only done it once in his life. He had become a Hawk. He had used this to find a new home. He had found Bomani's flock. Their strange control over fire aloud them certain gifts that other animals didn't have. The Griffins believed that God had given them this gift to take care of the world around them. Take care of the animals of the earth both pray and predators of them. Hora got the others to gather around.
Right. I want you to light a flame in your talons. Yes like that. Now let it spread over your body. Think of the thing you want to become
Hora watched as the Griffins slowly became human. To Athena it felt as if she was melting away. She hated it. Her stomach turned. She felt sick. A burning sensation invaded her head. This was odd to her as she had never been burnt. She stood a young human. Her wings had become a dress, a dirty brown dress speckled with red sand. Her eyes had stayed the same. Orange. Her hair was red. Dusk looked similar but her hair was speckled with black feathers and her eyes were human. When Hora turned to them his hair was Black as the night. His eyes were red as blood and he was wearing a black cape over his tunic. Cadr had white hair with sliver feathers in. Hora nodded to them and they turned to cross the boarder from their lands to the Humans.
This is Book two of my Story. Enjoy serprises are yet to happen.

Again sorry about spelling mistakes

Chapter three: [link]

Chapter One [link]
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MillieBee Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Another good chapter! Oddly, I knew Hora would have black hair. I imagined him with black feathers, and I was a bit surprised when you said he was golden. :giggle:

As for ~ConnallRobotnik8's idea of using Spell Check on Microsoft Word ... well, it can be helpful but it's actually best not to rely on it too heavily, as this poem will tell you (I hope you still find it funnier - or maybe even funnier - with your dyslexia).
ConnallRobotnik8 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011  Student General Artist
You should use Word for Spellcheck. That's what I do.
Little-leopard Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
i do.
ConnallRobotnik8 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011  Student General Artist
Oh! :blush: So sorry. So sorry.
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