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May I use this for my Oc please
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Could you give me more details so I can make an informed decision?
I'm ever so slightly out of the loop when it comes to internet jargon sometimes. Do you mean OC as in Original character in a fanfic or a game?
If so, I suppose I don't mind so long as it's for non-comercial purposes or just an inspiration. Still, I'd like to know exactly how you plan to use it before given a green light.

Also, sorry for replying so late. My bad.
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Yes!! Thank you!! Finally, a GIRL Robin Hood!! Yay I love it <3<3<3<3
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This is awesome!!! :love:
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OMGEEEEEEE!!!! HE IS SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! -glomps- -faints-
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Chickoreta Robin Hood! yay!
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Awesome picture! I just got into Robin Hood (Rhi Bran y Hud) and this picture is awesome! Amazing job, keep up the good work!
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thank you very much.
amaxing how this pic is popular. and it's an oldie already hehe!
if i did a retake on it, uuuh. i bet it'd be reaaaaaaaaaaally different now. *
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aww he's so cute!
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really like that! faved!
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well thank you very much! i'm glad you like it.

:hug: *
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coolish!! I like robin hood ^^ faved!
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robin rocks!! we kinda did grow up w him... who hasn't got stuck somewhere in the brain that brian adams song? lol

it's like when grown ups ask the kids, what do u wanna be when u grow up?
"i wanna be a cop" say the leathal weapon kids.... oh guys sorry but it's too cliché....
the new wave'd be like robin hood "i wanna be a thief!" :rofl:

it's like nowadays, the csi kids and the ocean's eleven kids :lmao:
oh dear... did i talk too much...... sorry if i did .. hehe

little-leo's avatar
and then come the cosplay kids!! which i find incredibly interesting.... especially when u see girls doing the male charas...................................................... JJ-
god i'm so old..... i'm still the: "i wanna be a mermaid when i grow up" type... lol
ariel was so rebellious... such a rule model... :rofl:

but going back to robin... yeh definitly super cool..... it's one of those guy movies..... where even the girls love the guys and wanna be like 'em.... cause of course.. who'd wanna be like poor helpless marian...? :bleh:

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No you dindnt talk too much ^^ I like listening

You are SO right! Actually I wanted to be Robin Hood and at the kidsparty's I allway was dressed up like Robin Hood ^^

Nowadays kids want to be like ehm... Sora and other game chara's :)

well nice talking to you

Greetz ^^
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Pretty cool :)
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=D tks 4 da comment and :+fav:


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This is so great! I loved it the moment I saw it! Brilliant! :+favlove:
little-leo's avatar
tks... for da comment and da fav ^^
this really seems to be my pearl!! everybody :hearts: it..
makes me happy... sometimes the simplest things are the best ;)

ItzMandiBabez's avatar
Absolutely, I couldn't agree with you more! :worship:
When I saw it I loved it. Its a great drawing :)
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