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INSaNiTy MMD MOTION DOWNLOAD!!! (Closed) by ZKArti INSaNiTy MMD MOTION DOWNLOAD!!! (Closed) :iconzkarti:ZKArti 46 56
Cantarella English Lyrics
Cantarella English Lyrics
Staring back at you,
Staring back at me,
Locked inside our own closed off world.
Acting oblivious,
but yet we both pretend
our intoxication will be sensed.
As time passes by,
I fell that my heart,
Must keep hidden
So I may approach (you).
I heave a sigh,
because around you,
I feel far from myself.
In an ordinary feeling of love, my heart pounds,
And I,
Will set up my trap for you.
Even though I'm eagerly after you,
I won't
leave fingerprints behind.
Things are not this clear,
my words are all sincere,
and you begin letting your guard down.
It's something you should know
of such a dangerous liquid.
I expect you to drink every last drop.
Rusting from time,
The chains fall apart,
You run away,
With no place to go.
The more seconds....
...echo by....
The more you try to fight.
Let me just say that inside of you, I see
myself, hiding in your memories.
To be linked with the scent of your fear,
Makes me feel quiet unsure of my choices.
In an ordinary feeling o
:icondarebear9:darebear9 146 49
Winry Rockbell by amiegirl17 Winry Rockbell :iconamiegirl17:amiegirl17 60 5 Winry Rockbell by Bysc Winry Rockbell :iconbysc:Bysc 172 32
[Vocaloid Translyrics] Bad End Night
Treading deep, treading deep, treading deep into the woods
Village girl has lost her way on the path she took
Faded letter in hand, and only darkness in her sight
She arrived at a mansion in the dead of night
Though eeriness leaked from the manor
No choice but to knock on its rotten door
Villager: "Excuse me, is anybody home?"
Butler: "Oh my my, do you have no place to go?
Doll Girl: "You're welcome so!"
Doll Boy: "Our manor's truly wonderful!"
Maid: "How 'bout some tea to ease the cold?"
Everyone, from the Lady to the servant
Gathered 'round to give their guest "appraisement"
Master: "You know a meeting like is a gift from destiny."
Doll Twins: "We shall party! Party!!"
"Come on, let us welcome you!"
Doll Boy: "Hurry, hurry!!"
Butler: "I'll be sure to pour the wine!"
Maid: "Be merry, be merry! "
Lady: "I'll be sure to give a toast!"
Doll Girl: "Are you ready??"
Mistress: "Are we, indeed?"
"Well, let the show begin!"
You shall play the lead role in this crazy night!
We will dress you u
:iconchazychazle:ChazyChazle 208 26
Lady Sansa of Winterfell by EmberRoseArt Lady Sansa of Winterfell :iconemberroseart:EmberRoseArt 365 87 Ninja/ Sitting Base by BrokeWingsBases Ninja/ Sitting Base :iconbrokewingsbases:BrokeWingsBases 238 33
Kocchi Muite Baby -English-
Look This Way, Baby
Original Music: ryo
Original Vocal: Miku Hatsune
Translated Lyrics by: lygerzero0zero
Singable Lyrics by: HaruhiLova
1, 2.
1, 2, 3, YEAH!
Just lying to everyone all the time
Makes me feel like I'm the loser, c'mon it's true
I wanna do things that can't be spoken aloud
Like this and that...
Oh, my... What sort of things?
Guys just always seem to be morons.
Hey, you thought of something dirty, didn't you?
You're the type that can't lie, this I know
It's all showing on your face, ARE YOU OKAY?
With no leeway for exceptions
It's like we can't talk normally, yeah, we can't...
Before I hear you go all romantic
Have you analyzed the situation yet?
Ahh! You just don't get it!
Come on, look this way baby!
It's an offer I won't let you refuse
I'm in my serious mode right now~
With my lips you are captivated by I'll get you while you're open
And then I'll make you my prisoner.
Today will be the judgment day!
Come on Baby!
Just being stubborn all the dar
:iconharuhilova:HaruhiLova 102 20
Female Base 4 by Nayume-pixels Female Base 4 :iconnayume-pixels:Nayume-pixels 180 16 Sonic female base 3 by 271199 Sonic female base 3 :icon271199:271199 134 10
Welcome To Freddy's Lyrics By Madame Macabre
Freddy: Hey everyone, and welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! So let's strike up the band! 
Freddy: 1... 2... (Kill me) 
Freddy: Is everyone enjoying some delicious (delicious flesh) pizza?
I can see you there, warmth and life why don't you share?
It's been many years stuck here living with our fears.
Please do pardon me, I can't help it, can't you see?
In this misery, you can join our family.
Why'd you lock the door? Don't you like us anymore?
This game's lots of fun, you look funny when you run.
Eyes up on the wall, well that's just no fun at all.
Watching us in there, using cameras hardly seems fair
Stalking hallways, getting closer
Got you now, it's nearly over
Found your blind spot, lurking within
Sooner or later we'll get in
Careful not to waste your power
You've still got to last an hour
I can hear your heart pound heavy
Here we come I hope you're ready
Shouldn't have come
:iconmaddiewolfgirl:MaddieWolfGirl 96 0
Female Neko by anime-fan-addict Female Neko :iconanime-fan-addict:anime-fan-addict 368 120
childish war english lyrics (JubyPhonic)
bolded parts are rin+len, italics is rin, and normal text is len
don't sing anything in [ ]
Once upon a time, yes, a very long time ago
Lived a family noble and old, whose children were very close

And on and on it goes....
"Hey, do it right!"
"Now to your throne" the butler starts the show (Ready, go!)
Ready go, a knife and a fork to point in your face, I'll take you any day
After all, we're noble - the middle class'
Grandest and richest of families so don't ever look down on us
So bow down to us, you peasants, standing here's your prince and princess
We're here to call to attention all of your mistakes

Hey, hold up, hold up, aren't you lying again?
Whataya bet you can't see through anything I throw at you?
Right, right, right, right
I'll leave them under you, since you want it so bad [laughs]

You're just so annoying! God, just so annoying!
Acting high mighty around me like
:iconjessicxndrew:jessicxndrew 147 32
p2u Chibi Base 01 by milkuriiem p2u Chibi Base 01 :iconmilkuriiem:milkuriiem 1,025 234 Female Ninja Outfit by AngelOfDeseption Female Ninja Outfit :iconangelofdeseption:AngelOfDeseption 37 2




Little-Kitten92's Profile Picture
Courtney Beauregard
United States
My name is Courtney but my friends call me Cupcake. It's a personal nickname between me and my friends ONLY! I have blue-green eyes, brown hair with a slight light brown, if not blond at times, tint to it, and I have the average figure of a girl my age.

I'm really easy to get along with, if you stay on my good side, and can sometimes be easy to reason with. But I warn you, piss me off and you'll wish you never had! Anyways... I can be a real bitch once I'm pissed off but just give me some time and I'll calm down.

One of the best things about me is that most of my friends say that the only reason I'm capable of making as many friends as I have, is because I'm like a magnet. I draw the people I'm friends with to me. So I ultimately become like their sun. I keep things together. I make things go from bad to good in a heart beat. I can always make people smile or laugh.

I was tagged by :iconusako89:


1.- You must posts these rules.

2.- Each person has to share 10 things about them
3.- Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
4.- Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged (we have mentions now, using that)
6.- Not something like  'you are tagged if you read that'
7.- You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8.- No tag-backs
9.- You can't say that you don't do tags. 

:iconusako89:'s questions for me:

1. Who do you think April O'Neil best belongs with?
I think April best belongs with Raph, but that is just me. Sweating a little...
2. Favorite turtle in which incarnation?
The ones from the movies made in the 90's

3. Dream turtle?
Donnie! Love
4. After reaction to waking up to find yourself in the turtle's lair and them addressing you as a long lost sibling?
"I always knew I wasn't normal...But this? I don't even look like you!"

5. What do you think of Casey Jones?
Hot headed, arrogant, annoying, smart ass, and cocky

6. Do you think Casey would be better paired with one of the turtles?
If I had to choose, I'd say to pair with Raph. Wink/Razz

7. After reaction of finding yourself pregnant with the kid of one of the turtles?
Huggle!"Donnie, I'm pregnant!" Love

8. Favorite TMNT crossover pairing?
Sailor Moon and Raph

9. Favorite TMNT canon pairing?
Donnie x OC

10. After reaction to waking up and finding yourself having switched bodies with Master Splinter?
:o (Eek) ... I think I've fainted.

My questions for you:

1. What is your favorite fandom?

2. Favorite Crossover?

3. Out of your fandom, which character (male/female) do you like most?

4. Least favorite pairing?

5. Favorite crossover pairing?

6. After reaction to finding yourself dropped into your fandom's world?

7. What would you look like? (follow up to 6 )

8. Who would you be paired with?

9. If you could do things your way, what characters would be paired together?

10. Character's weapon (or power) of choice would be?








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