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LF: Midge Mallory by Little-Imp-Rin LF: Midge Mallory by Little-Imp-Rin
 for :iconlex-ferenda:


 Margot Willow Mallory


 14 years old [3rd year]


 June 21st







Fussy and a bit spoiled; he's pretty troublesome and tends to pester Midge often. It's not unusual to see him nipping at her fingers or trying to trip her up by dashing about her feet. However, he's deeply attached to the girl and likes that she doesn't get too close to others. If she did, he'd likely feel the need to compete for attention. He's a bit territorial, and his mentality is probably something like: "See Midge? That's my human. And that trunk of hers? Well that's actually mine, too. And her textbooks? Mine. Her snacks? Definitely mine. And that wad of lint that came out of her pocket? Mine, too." Also, he likes to think he's tough shit. It's very possible that he thinks he's a bear or something and not a tiny little ermine. 


Maple; Unicorn Hair; 10 1/3 inches; Supple



Incendio - Incendio

Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand. The power of this spell increases with the skill and experience of the caster.

Shielding Charm - Protego, Dunbihu, or K'irara

Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses.

Leg-Locking Curse - Locomotor Mortis or Tuimeihuan

Locks the legs of a victim together, preventing them from moving independently of each other.

Disarming Charm - Expelliarmus

Causes the target's wand to fly from their hand. With sufficient power behind it, a Disarming Charm may throw a victim back forcefully. Disarming Charms are mutually off-setting - when cast against eachother, they generally deflect. The Disarming Charm is also an effective counter to many spells.

Body-Binding Curse - Petrificus Totalus

A curse that completely, but temporarily, paralyzes the victim. It is relatively simple to dispel, and difficult to pull off against an experienced wizard, but the results are often worth the trouble.


Defense Against the Dark Arts
History of Magic


Muggle Studies

Care of Magical Creatures


Frog Choir

Ghoul Studies



Unrefined/Boyish: No, she won’t randomly scratch her bum in public, pick her nose, or let one rip; however, she’ll definitely belch, scarf down her meal with no remorse, or partake in a spitting contest if challenged. She hardly sits like a lady, likes getting her hands dirty, and has no qualms with getting into a tussle if needed. Prim and proper is a hard task for her. She just wants to do what makes her feel comfortable.


Intuitive/Impulsive: Regarding people, creatures, situations and opinions, simply put: Midge goes with her gut. She trusts her instincts, goes with the flow, and they don’t usually lead her wrong. Usually. Midge believes people put too much weight on what others say or think, and she finds things simpler if she just goes with her feelings. She can’t always put her gut-feelings into words, so it makes things hard to explain sometimes when she acts impulsively. She tends to just rely on “Because I felt like it”, which isn’t exactly a valid explanation for most.


Warm-Hearted/Loyal: Generally, Midge is mild-natured and kind. Although she won’t back down from a fight, she isn’t one to seek confrontation or take pleasure in upsetting others. She often cares unknowingly, offers help without intending it, and puts others before her. Kindness and loyalty are two different things in her book. She isn’t loyal to just anyone. It takes her a bit to consider someone a friend. She may like certain people or enjoy their company, but that doesn’t always ensure she’d go to the ends of the earth for them. Primarily, her undying devotion and loyalty are reserved for animals and creatures of sorts. People have to grow on her first.

Affectionate: This is reserves primarily for animals/creatures and family. She likes to tuck in close, huddle, and finds comfort in it, but she'll only do this if she feels close to them. But she enjoys affection in return. Oddly enough, this isn't a two-way street for her in that she does not need to feel extremely close to someone to accept affectionate gestures (hugs, pats on the back, etc.) from pretty much anyone willing to give it. It's not like she has been denied affection as a child. She's just strange that way.

Determined: If she gets knocked down, she’ll do whatever she can to get back on her feet--sometimes literally. Midge isn’t the type to back down once she starts something, be it studying or a duel. Offense is the best defense in her opinion, and she tends to take things head-on. She usually will not stop until she’s accomplished her task or exhausted herself trying. Sometimes this can be good. Sometimes it’s annoying. Thankfully, she usually doesn’t start something in the first place unless--you guessed it--she feels like it.


Clumsy: Scrapes, bruises, bites, tumbles, and even the occasional sprain or break—she always seems to have something. Due to her resilient nature, Midge doesn’t let them stop her, though. She remains very active, and she’s very actively clumsy. Some may blame awkward growth spurts and lanky limbs, but she’s always been prone one to have a nick or bump somewhere. She figures it’ll stop once her body toughens up enough.

Midge seems complacent just being herself and doing what comes naturally. She isn’t a follower and she isn’t a leader. This girl just does what she feels like at the moment, and this sometimes makes her come across as aloof or spacy. But comfort is key. For the most part, her demeanor is mild. She’s not overly cheerful and friendly but not constantly moody and brooding, either. She may have her moments, but Midge takes her emotions as they come, just like she handles everything else. For the most part, she’s a fairly simple girl. Simple in thoughts, values, and actions. She isn’t inherently proficient in anything other than finding herself in need of a bandage, but she puts her all in what she sets her mind to.





Midge was born the only child of a Muggle mother and wizard father, Sophie and William Mallory. Sophie was fully aware of William’s background and magical aptitude, and she never thought him strange or held his wizarding bloodline against him. In fact, Midge’s mother found it wonderful, refreshing, and exciting. Sophie’s family was not quite as understanding, and she soon drifted away from them, socially. Instead, she gravitated towards William’s family, who she found just as interesting and new as William.


The two married young and gave birth to a daughter two years later. Her parents were loving individuals, and Midge had a fairly ordinary childhood in the beginning, really. Her mother worked as a veterinarian, and this was likely were her love of creatures took root. And as far as Midge understood at her young age, her father was a typical business man that went on trips for a few weeks at a time. His stories of magic and enchanting creatures seemed like just that—stories, fairytales typical to a childhood. The stories were short-lived, sadly. William Mallory’s life was cut short due to an accident while out on “business”, leaving Sophie and Midge to continue on without the little spark of magic William brought into their lives.


By the age of five, Midge had yet to show any propensity for magic. Deep down, her mother hoped this was the case—a daughter that was just as ordinary as she was. It didn’t seem to bother Midge, though. By then, she was bringing home any animal she could find and running around the backyard playing “Wizard” brandishing twigs as wands. Meanwhile, Sophie continued to raise her child under the assumption that she was completely without magical abilities.


It wasn’t until a year later that things began to change. Midge was having difficulties adapting to life in primary school. Teachers said she had an overactive imagination, and she didn’t seem to have much interest in making friends. She was kind enough, sure. She’d talk to other classmates, play and participate in games and activities, but she seemed much more interested in caring for the class pet. People just didn’t seem to interest her as much as animals. Some kids found that strange…and children can be cruel.


Her first signs of magical proclivity was caused by a meltdown when young Thomas Macson attempted to flush the class gerbil down the toilet. It resulted in the lights “mysteriously” blowing out simultaneously at school and Midge attempting to throttle little Thomas. Just a fluke, right? A coincidence.


Not likely.


Repeated occasions proved what Sophie only feared to be true—her daughter was a young witch. Sensing something strange, her daughter’s classmates began to tease or alienate her even more. This led to even more trouble as well as the painful sight of her daughter just…not being accepted. Her daughter was strange. Suddenly magic and wizards and everything not ordinary to the Muggle world wasn’t nearly as exciting as Sophie Mallory had once thought. Raising a child with an underlying gift of magic proved difficult. Too difficult.


Unfortunately, Sophie Mallory found she could not handle such a task. She couldn’t handle much anymore, actually. She found herself wanting normality. She found herself wanting a world without magic—a world without lights flickering when her daughter threw a tantrum because she couldn’t keep a stray or some kid tripped her in gym. Sophie loved her daughter dearly but inevitably found herself requesting the help of William’s brother and fellow co-worker Ardal Mallory.


This help resulted in Sophie relinquishing her daughter, age eight, to Ardal and his wife Bridget. Midge went to live with her aunt and uncle in the countryside, being brought up alongside four of her older cousins. One would think that it would be a hard adjustment—being brought into a wizarding family after living amongst Muggles for eight years. There was now magic in the household, and there were more family members than she ever witnessed as an only child. And yet Midge seemed to change immediately. This life breathed a new life into her, and she found herself finding ease in this new family. Her older cousins, becoming more like big brothers, picked on her as siblings would. She grew accustomed and even embraced the habit of rough-housing with them, having to compete with them for portions during meals, or getting the short end of the stick when it came to their chores. Her aunt was kind a nurturing, despite finding it a bit hard to keep up with so many children in the house. Bridget was easy-going, optimistic and open-minded, a breath of fresh air. And best yet was her uncle, apparently a Magizoologist like her father. He’d astound and enthrall her with tales of her father, of creatures she could only dream of, and show her his own works and findings. Her aunt and uncle would take her out for walks and hikes, introducing Midge to a love of exploration and adventure in sorts. She was more relaxed and comfortable living with her uncle’s family. She was finally truly content.


 When her Hogwarts letter arrived, she didn’t know what to think or expect. Was wizarding school like primary school had been? There was slight anxiety there, thinking about Hogwarts, but there was also excitement. She would finally be taught how to use magic and learn all the things the wizarding world had to offer. She’d learned quite a bit from living with her uncle’s family, but she knew there was still much to learn. It would be a very new experience, indeed.


Before leaving for her first year at Hogwarts, Midge’s uncle gave her some advise that would later become the key component to her very being. “Just do what comes naturally to you. Be who you are, do what you do, and things will work out just fine.” And she did just that. Her first two years were taken in stride. She studied, made decent enough grades usually, and became increasingly more comfortable with the school.


Now, as a third year, she’s just as at home at Hogwarts as she is at her uncle’s. She’s slightly more lively this year, but perhaps that is because she’s finally able to take Care of Magical Creatures—something she has been impatiently awaiting. Though she has yet to find anyone she considers a friend, she’s comfortable enough to interact with fellow students regularly, sometimes even coming across as friendly. It’s progress. Perhaps this is the year that she will finally open up enough and discovers someone she finds deserving of her loyalty and friendship?



Jasmine Thompson



Animals/Magical Creatures

Watching Quidditch

Being barefoot

Curling up and being comfy

Climbing, hiking, the outdoors in general


♥Streaky Bacon



 ✘ Cruelty to Animals/Magical Creatures

 ✘ Wearing Shoes 

 ✘ Dressing up

 ✘ Eating Vegetables

 ✘ Potions class (she’s rubbish at it)

 ✘ Centipedes



Sophie Mallory- Mother; Muggle/Veterinarian; 36yrs old 

William Mallory- Father; Magizoologist (deceased)

Ardal Mallory- Uncle/ Magizoologist; 48yrs old

Bridget “Biddy” Mallory- Aunt; 44yrs old

Leary- Cousin; 24yrs old

Madoc- Cousin; 22yrs old

Keagan- Cousin; 19years old

Tomos- Cousin; 18yrs old


N/A (for now) 


 •Midge is a big fan of Quidditch and would love to participate...but, with her luck, she’d likely break her neck or cripple herself. Surprisingly, she's never fallen from a broom. Still, everyone has seen how danger-prone she is on a regular basis, so it's unlikely she'd ever make the team, anyway. 

 •She still stays in contact with her mother via letters and has no hard feelings for being given up. It is, however, still a fairly strained relationship because Midge does not associate Sophie Mallory as a mother figure. Aunt Biddy (Bridget Mallory) seems to fit that position in Midge's eyes. 

 •Midge is a bit too trusting when it comes to creatures/animals. She's not naive. She knows they can be dangerous, and yet that probably wouldn’t stop her from trying to pet a dragon. 

 •Her nickname "Midge" actually caught and finally stuck from her cousins calling her "Midget". She's not really short for her age--her cousins are just fairly tall. Her mother is the only family member that still calls her Margot conversationally. Otherwise, her actual name is only used when she's in trouble. 

 •The moment she has the chance, she'll kick off her shoes and enjoy the bliss of bare feet. Sometimes she even toes off her shoes during class. Her feet are pretty resilient because of this. Cold weather or rough surfaces usually don't bother them any. 

•It's possible that part of the reason she feels the need to nurture is because she's projecting her own needs onto creatures, animals, and even people. Sometimes people who rescue or care for things do so because they want to find something that needs it more than they do. However, this is definitely only a part of the reasoning behind her behavior. The rest comes from watching her mother treat animals, listening to her fathers stories of magical creatures, and being around her uncle and his work. She honestly just finds them fascinating and naturally feels compelled to be around them. 

•Tidbit was the only animals (of many) that she was allowed to keep once she nursed him back to health. She found him while out on a hike with Aunt Biddy, and kept him with her wherever she went. She tells him everything and looks to him for comfort before even thinking of turning to anyone else. In reality, he's currently more like her only friend than he is a pet.

RP Preference: via Skype or Notes 

(so that I can keep track and because sometimes school time drags rp's out for days...)

I'm horribly shy and awkward, but I swear I don't bite. 

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