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Google Chrome Dock Icon

By Little-FR34K
Edited the google chrome icon to replace the one that is displayed in my dock to celebrate the release of google chrome!!!!

:+fav: appreciated.
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© 2008 - 2021 Little-FR34K
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Mind If i use This as My user?
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Btw this is how you do it
1.Click download and then right click it save image as.
2.Go to your google chrome on your desktop not on the bar thing.
3.Click propites.
4.when it is on shortcut click change icon.
5.Then go to wherever you  put the file.
(it only works with ico files not png.
kannang's avatar
how do i put it
Rayny-Day's avatar
Go to You can convert it :D
62nh's avatar
Makes me want to reach out, and grab it!
OrganicSpade's avatar
what kind of file is it?
yayalta's avatar
Красиво сделали, а то старый знак - не то.
AllenR's avatar
It's good, but it has too much excess transparent space around the actual picture, making it look smaller on a dock than it actually should be.
atomic-dream's avatar
sweet, thanks <3
driftingdreamx's avatar
Brilliant ;D Thank you!
ArlequinOfFate's avatar
that looks so good (:
lahairoi's avatar
Hi, I hope you don't mind if I use this as a logo for a google chrome extension group i just created [link]
MorlanV's avatar
What is the difference between this one and the old one? :|
calegaea75432's avatar
squidward:why is everything chrome

spongebob: every things chrome in the future

MRCAB's avatar
You wouldn't happen to have a .ico version of this, would you? I can't seem to find one anywhere...

Anthony25410's avatar
Thank's, I was looking for an high quality' icon
so i was looking for alternate chrome icons. And all i got was...icons that look exactly like it already is. Whats the difference here?
Little-FR34K's avatar
When chrome first came out and you dragged it into a dock it would look really blurry. I made this one to replace it, that is all.
titan111's avatar
weird but latest
Icetrix's avatar
I really like Google Chrome and this icon looks so much better in my dock... so thanks alot for the work!
OutlawNinja's avatar
Good job thanks.
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