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Beauty and the Beast Chapter 5 (Bubbline)
"Why is there a stranger here?" the figure snarled softly, its menacing eyes gliding around the room, "Finn? Jake? Any of you buttheads know why there's an old man in MY castle, sitting on MY chair and touching MY BASS?!" it turned its rage onto the cowering servants. Finn timidly stood up.
"Oh-uh, Mistress! Let me explain this guy was lost in the woods and we just wanted to- YAAAH!" The boy screamed as the figure reared its head back and let out an inhuman roar which rattled all the windowpanes.
Maurice spun around and kept himself against the wall, his eyes darting around the room worryingly. Looking to his left, he was alarmed at the presence of a pair of mad green eyes and two rows of huge, sharp teeth. The man screamed and jumped back.
"WHO ARE YOU?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" it bellowed as it advanced on the old man, it's thunderous growls caused shivers down his spine as he tried to back away from it.
"I-I-I got lost in the woods-!"
"I didn't know you
:iconlittle-eli:Little-Eli 3 0
Beauty and the Beast Chapter 4 (Bubbline)
Lady Rainbow's ears flick around worryingly as the mare watches the forest around them. The sun was now setting and might was sweeping over the land. The once lovely trees now seemed to have long arms and claws, which looked like they were reaching towards her. The mare was just as confused by her rider.
Maurice shuddered and pulled his jacket around himself to keep the wind out. He was messing with his map.
"Where are we? I mean we should have been at the fair two hours ago!" He grumbled as he scratched his head. He stopped the mare at a crossroad and looked at the worn out signs. He could barely make them out. Lady's ears flicked around and she turned her nose towards the road to the left, she remembered how Bonnibel had taken them in that direction whenever she was taking them to the fair.
"No, Lady it's this way!" Maurice said as he pulled the reins towards the left, which the mare resisted, shaking her rainbow mane in annoyance but she eventually complied and be
:iconlittle-eli:Little-Eli 1 0
Beauty and the Beast Chapter 3 (Bubbline)
"Dad?" Bonnibel shouted as she yanked the cellar doors open, only to have smoke and dust bellow into her face, sending her into a coughing fit.
"Dad, are you ok?" she called into the cellar as she climbed gingerly through the doors into the room.
"How on earth did that happen?!" A familiar voice cried and as the smoke cleared, Bonnibel was finally able to see her father. He was unharmed, but stuck upside down in a barrel, kicking his short legs in the air. Bonnibel yelped and quickly turned the barrel upright.
"Are you alright?" she asked anxiously, that was quite an explosion that just happened. She was actually surprised that he seemed mostly unharmed.
Maurice squirmed inside the barrel until he was finally able to pull himself out of it. Shaking it off, he glared at the machine that had caused this whole commotion, a huge machine which was intended to be a wood chopper and gave it a sharp kick.
"I'm just about ready to give up on this HUNK OF JUNK!" the short, eld
:iconlittle-eli:Little-Eli 1 0
AoT OC: Eliza Anana

Name: Eliza Anana
Nickname(s): Eli, Peek-a-boo, "The Little Soldier"
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 25th (Cancer)
Birthplace (Which Wall, What town, etc.): Wall Maria
Current Residence (Which Wall, What town, etc.): Wall Maria
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Relationship Status: Single
Language(s) spoken: English
Life-Long Dream: To live somewhere safe without Titans with the love of her life
Goal(s): To keep herself and her comrades safe
Like(s): Companionship, warmth, feeling safe, hugs, playing games, helping out, horse riding, 
Solitude, feeling useless, knowing that she can't help someone, cold, being separated from her friends
Bad Habit(s):  
Eliza has a habit of rocking back and forth on the spot when anxious as well as chewing on her fingers.
Horse riding, running, playing games
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Tonx :COMMISSION: by A-La-Moe Tonx :COMMISSION: :icona-la-moe:A-La-Moe 15 2 Peaceful Balcony :COMMISSION: by A-La-Moe Peaceful Balcony :COMMISSION: :icona-la-moe:A-La-Moe 13 2 Daria by SIBIROK Daria :iconsibirok:SIBIROK 41 10 Commission - joffyjams by Wolfhowler9880 Commission - joffyjams :iconwolfhowler9880:Wolfhowler9880 87 4 Commission - Little-Eli by Wolfhowler9880 Commission - Little-Eli :iconwolfhowler9880:Wolfhowler9880 67 5 Tipsy by A-La-Moe Tipsy :icona-la-moe:A-La-Moe 12 0 Discussion Thumbnail by A-La-Moe Discussion Thumbnail :icona-la-moe:A-La-Moe 8 0 Movie Thumbnail by A-La-Moe Movie Thumbnail :icona-la-moe:A-La-Moe 7 0 Video Game Thumbnail by A-La-Moe Video Game Thumbnail :icona-la-moe:A-La-Moe 7 4 Kangaroo Wife by humon Kangaroo Wife :iconhumon:humon 3,862 581 Shingeki no Sasha by duckwai Shingeki no Sasha :iconduckwai:duckwai 82 24 Sasha loves food. by BrokenBone Sasha loves food. :iconbrokenbone:BrokenBone 12 10 Sasha  Blouse by Joannimation Sasha Blouse :iconjoannimation:Joannimation 45 31 Cosband WTF People - Shingeki no Kyojin by fausto-The-Endless Cosband WTF People - Shingeki no Kyojin :iconfausto-the-endless:fausto-The-Endless 210 24 Attack on Sasha (Shingeki no Sasha) by TheXHunter08 Attack on Sasha (Shingeki no Sasha) :iconthexhunter08:TheXHunter08 479 78 Oka Ruto by TheComebackBro Oka Ruto :iconthecomebackbro:TheComebackBro 90 8


Yes, I have returned from the depths of uni, work and home life. Been some time since I've done anything here but yeah I guess people wouldn't have noticed because I didn't do much anyway :s 
Anywho, I've been doing a lot of writing lately and there was one story that I came up with which I couldn't quite get to work as a novel, or even short stories. I thought it would work better as a webcomic but the problem with that is, I can't draw. So, I'll be putting character bios up on  my page along with images of them which I will make in the Sims 4, because again I cant draw :s 
If anyone could give me some tips and info on how to potentially get it off the ground, I'd appreciate it thanks :3


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Just a girl from Scotland. Nothing much else


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