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I liked pirates before...Stamp

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hehe I just had to.

creating a stamp is harder then it looks. did I do okay? if anyone has any advice or tips I would love to hear from you.

Stamp template by :iconzilla774:

Funky Pirate Version 2 font [link] created by :iconmrsrainey: and used WITH permission

[Edit] I noticed the outline has a white background and it doesn't look like a stamp :doh: I'll try to fix it later. try...

feel free to use
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I liked pirates 
Then Fucksy came out
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I was not happy
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Yes, oh yes. I had such a rabid crush on Long John Silver as a child.
But I have to admit that Johnny Depp helped.
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Depp is a beast, but I've loved pirates ever since I was a preschooler with fantasies of talking animals on pirate ships battling evil cats with lightsabers.
...And I'm not even kidding about that, either. xD
Plus, I'm named after one, so I should kind of love them by default. :+fav:
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I loved Pirates when I was really likkle and always loved them ! Then I loved Johnny Depp about 4 years POTC came out .
So so so does that count ? :D

Great stamp :heart:
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4 years before **
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i LOVED pirates before Johnny Depp lol, he just made them a whole fricken lot better! XD XD XD XD :ahoy:
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i liked pirates befor depp too, but Johnny made them BETTER!! :D
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But if you really wanna meet some in real life is another question. :XD:
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LOL I didn't think about that....:D
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Noone seems to. :)
I can also understand that. For example I love monsters, but I don't want them to exist in real life. :XD:
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same here with dragons (along side the pirates...ooohh dragon riding pirtaes!! :lol:
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ha ha big Pirate that is lol...and the movies are great too!!! :D

...honestly I rewrote my whole siggy from memory lol :P
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baseball? must be a team ^^;
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lol f****ng posers! lol

Oh, good news, i found out how to see when new deviations come out from people on my watchlist ^ _ ^
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Pirates are awesome:D
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but I loved Johnny Depp before Pirates! or is that something totally differant? Just saying I love Johnny Depp!! and now that you brought it up, I didnt like pirates before Johnny Depp! WoW!! alot can show you when you really like an actor!!! You did an awsome job with the stamp!!!
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thanks! :XD: you could always do a stamp that says "I liked Jonny Depp before pirates" :lol:
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